Saturday, November 8, 2014

My QT Collection Product Review: Feelin' Pretty in "Possie Pink" Lip Gloss

Last January, I had the pleasure of chatting with then-18 year old Atlanta Pop Princess QT Jazz regarding her music and awesome fashion sense! (Her "Heels Bags" song recently deputed at the time, and I was blown away by the catchiness and cuteness of it.) During that interview, she graciously shared her experience as a young entertainer in a competitive industry, while shedding light on her family and the significance of growing up grounded and goal-oriented.

...And then in September, I noticed on (the insanely addicting) Instagram that QT was launching her own cosmetics line with Celfie Cosmetics. "What?! This chick moves fast!" I remember thinking. So I was happy to approach her for some info about her new collection! During our second phone chat, she excitedly had this to say about her new, business venture:

"The QT Collection consists of trendy pieces - the bright pink, the jazzy red, the purple...It's very out there, spontaneous...and jazzy!"

(The "Possie Pink" lip gloss regularly priced at only $15!)

Launched just a few weeks after our conversation (on her 19th birthday!), the QT Collection is gaining quite the momentum in social media as well as across the Web. And I was gifted with a "Possie Pink" lip gloss not long thereafter. of my best Good Girl Gone Shopping arrivals to date! Typically, the glosses that I wear are pretty sheer and subtle...not nearly as dramatically bold as this product. The minute the wand touched my bottom lip, I knew that I was entering a new territory of makeup. And when I finished applying the gloss, which has a more matte feel that could be comparable to an actual lipstick, I looked at myself and knew that wearing this in public means only one thing: There's no turning back!

The Possie Pink lip gloss is hot. It's bold, a bit funky, and totally in sync with my creative personality. As compared to my regular sheen, this lip color is a refreshing, exciting change for me...and totally upped my (makeup) game!

(Feelin' Pretty in "Possie Pink" - Whatcha think?)
Oh and pssssst....the "Generations Collection" (which QT says will be more about the "calmer tones") is coming soon! Also an exclusive line by Celfie Cosmetics, this collection is a collaborative effort between her and some of her fam-bam: Kandi Burruss and her mother "Mama Joyce."

To see promo photos for both the Generations Collection and the QT Collection, be sure to follow my favorite 19-year old superstar (who is also the Atlanta-based reporter for Sprite Pour Reports!) on Instagram and Twitter!

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