Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3 Shopping Don'ts That DO!

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When I first began giving shopping tips back in '07-ish, my thoughts and theories were a bit more simple. A tad more black and white, if you will. I've always done my best to provide helpful information for y'all, which developed out of my own trial-and-error experiences and shopping outcries I would receive from friends, coworkers, and previous personal customers (past "Nordy" employee talking). Sometimes, however, you just grow. And in some cases, the don'ts that you once lived by, become dos. Here are 3 that could help you out:

(1) DON'T make a shopping list every time you shop. If you just feel like treating yourself and you're not obsessing over a certain item at the moment, don't limit yourself. Try a new store. Try a new fit. Try a new trend! Sometimes, allowing yourself to wind up somewhere new - or trying on something new - will open your eyes to new possibilities. This often happens to me at the Melrose flea market.)

(2) DON'T walk straight to the clearance racks. This used to be a must for me no matter what retail outlet, boutique, or department store I was in. But after doing this for so long, I realized that you skip out on the overall experience and aura of an awesome shop. Also, just because something isn't on clearance doesn't mean it isn't affordable...and just because you score a great clearance item doesn't mean it's of great quality. Readjust your thinking and you may try on an outfit that is full price and still fits within your budget. 

(3) DON'T remember where you parked. This one is tricky if you're on a time limit and/or you're wearing uncomfortable shoes. But if not, use the walking time to analyze what you bought -- hopefully with excitement! Get a good walk in, and enjoy the accomplishment of finding great new pieces to add to your wardrobe. Consider it meditational mall exiting. 

As always, I welcome your tips and feedback! Please feel free to comment below. 

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