Monday, March 31, 2014

gx by Gwen Stefani: The Affordable and Ultra-Stylish Collection for Shoedazzle!

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L.A.M.B. offers ridiculously amazing couture handbags and shoes for the cool and couture-loving fashion lover. But always affordable for the common chick? Well...unless you come across a fab shoe or purse on sale at say, Nordstrom Rack,...not really. So, I'm pretty excited about the gx by Gwen Stefani collaboration with Shoedazzle. (I love the name "gx" too - Gwen's signature tweet sign-off!). The line launched last month, giving Shoedazzle members more styles to explore and incorporate in their own wardrobes. All items under $110! The collection includes: edgy-chic strappy sandals, fancy wedges, and (not your mama's!) dramatic pumps. The graphic palette includes a bold mix of black, white, red, and cobalt. Dig!

Recently, Gwen shared thoughts about her new collection with "I created gx with the goal of making amazing shoes and bags at really great prices. Gx is super luxurious and stylish but still affordable." 

With the ├╝ber-talented Rachel Zoe as the new chief stylist alongside "Kim K," Shoedazzle is becoming quite the go-to site for fun looks. And, I mean, of course No Doubt's frontwoman and fashion designer would be an amazing person to collab with. What team wouldn't want Gwen breathing her cool vibe of creativity into an exclusive collection?!

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