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Exclusive Interview: Entertainer QT Jazz Talks Fashion, Music, and Being Grateful!

She was singing by age 3, dancing by 7, and now at 18, QT Jazz is redefining (and refining) what a "Pop Princess" is. Godchild of "Mama Joyce," star of  "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," QT Jazz embraces her career as a solo artist and fashion maven. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Atlanta, Georgia-based star, who was born "Jasmine Robinson." Having traveled the country with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and worked with a slew of awesome artists, including Neyo, Monica, B.O.B., Mindless Behavior, Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Issa, Jawan Harris, TI, Tiny, Kandi, and Lil Wayne, QT Jazz is coming into her own. 

After watching her video, "Heels Bags" (video above), I realized that she's not only a talented singer and dancer, she's not afraid to explore fierce fashion! I'm proud to feature this young, spirited entertainer on Good Girl Gone Shopping. With her supportive family and mature intellect, QT Jazz understands that hard work and perseverance is the name of the game. She's a big star in a small and ultra-stylish package! Thank you to Tara Thomas Agency for setting up our convo. Check it out:

First off, your “Heels Bags” song is HOT. So tell me about your own personal style!

Between my stage name, QT Jazz, and my actual name, Jasmine, there’s a running joke in the house that there are two different people…like a “Hannah Montana” and Miley Cyrus kind of thing. Jasmine’s style would be long sweaters and rugged sweaters…and cowboy boots. And QT Jazz, of course, would be the baggy pants, gold chains, hoodies, the hats, the leather…all that good stuff. So they’re very different.

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When it comes to performing, how much of a say to you have with wardrobe?

Well, for a performance, we all have to agree with each other. We’ll sit there for hours and throw out ideas between me and my mom…And you know, my family. It’s really easy for us to come up with concepts and try them because I design the clothes and she makes them.

That’s some awesome teamwork!

We got a Tina and Beyoncé thing goin’ on! Like I said, we all have to agree and have a say-so regarding what is and what’s not gonna cut it. Especially after long conversations, we want to end up with the best outfits.

What are some tips you'd give to teenage girls who are nervous to step out of their comfort zone with fashion? I mean there are so many cool trends that teens can try…

There’s no such as thing as wrong. Everything you can think of…mixing patterns, mixing prints…Anything you feel comfortable in is right for you. It may not look right or seem right to other people, but there is no such thing as wrong. It’s always what’s right for you.

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 I agree with that. There are so many trends out there, but not every trend is for everyone. 

Yeah, like the gold foil…that’s not really a trend for me! But…it might be for someone else. [laughs]

Another video of yours that is so adorable is when you’re about 3 years old, in 2001 (see video below). Even that outfit was so cute!

Well, it’s really always been inside of me. I started singing when I was about 3 and dancing when I was 7. So we’d always try different things, especially when going to auditions. My mom would make me outfits – I mean there are pictures galore in my house. The different things we did with feathers…And oh goodness! It’s laughable now, but back then, I was the hot stuff.

What’s great in looking at your photos throughout the years, you’ve seemed to stay true in having fun with fashion. That’s especially what I felt when watching your “Heels Bags” video. Fashion does have to do with brand names, but it really is about having fun with it…

It really is, especially because I drew out all those outfits. I literally penciled and drew out what I wanted to look like. I didn’t want to be too conservative but I didn’t want to be too grungy. I wanted to have a mixture of everything, like the cheetah jumper with the wedge sneaker. Stuff like that.

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I think it definitely works for your image! So how old are you now?

Well, I just turned 18 in October.  Shout out to the Libras! It’s interesting, the older that I get the more comfortable I get with certain things. Like as far as trying different styles.

So when it comes to your music, you’ve had some amazing experiences. What are some of your most inspirational moments thus far in your career?

Wow, there’s a lot! I guess one memorable moment that I did have was something that wasn’t a person-to-person conversation…It was seeing someone live. It was Monica. She sings just like her record, and it was so inspirational because she borders gospel, she’s R&B, and she’s fun with every genre. I opened up for her actually in Atlanta, Georgia…And I’ll never forget it.

So you must have grown up listening to her, and then you eventually opened up for her. That must have been pretty mind-blowing. 

You already know. I knew all her songs…I had just as much fun as the people that came to see her. I was backstage rockin’.

Now that we’re in a new year, what can your fans look forward to in 2014?

More videos…more ideas and content regarding who QT Jazz fully is. We did the “Heels Bags” video and the “Back Up Off the Wall” video, but I don’t think they showed the total picture of what or who I am. And now, it’s more of a 360. I’m gonna have more videos and getting ready for photoshoots, and all that. Really, we’re gonna go so hard!

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 It seems like you have a really great support system with your family...

Yeah. Like I said, there’s my mom who designs clothes and she’s also the “mom-ager,” of course. And also my brother ("Gphonics"), the producer of “Heels Bags” and “Back Up Off the Wall,” who is also producing my upcoming EP, which is coming out soon. I’m so excited! Hoping everyone loves it as much as I do, because it’s my first solid project.

As a solo artist, have you had many challenges?

I have. It’s a challenge because I’m one girl in this big industry and it can be kinda hard. There are so many of us! There are so many different artists where I’m from, in Atlanta, Georgia, and everywhere you turn. So the most difficult thing I would say is separating myself. And I do that through my clothes and through my music. There’s a borderline of what’s appropriate for kids and what’s entertaining…Whether I wear something revealing or it’s up buttoned up all the way up to my neck, it’s always a thought.

In a recent interview, I read that Chris Brown and Beyoncé are two artists that you would love to perform with...

Not only just to work with them (performing with or opening up for them), but to see their artistry and how they react to certain things – just to be there and pick up on the things that not many people can teach you. Some stuff you have to witness in order to learn it. So that’s the big picture when I say I want to work with artists like Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, and the Bruno Mars’. Everything I do takes a thought, and I would like to see what it takes for their event projects…their thought behind it.

I think a lot of people forget how much effort it takes to sing, dance, and maintain the energy on stage.

Well, I actually do have the most fun on stage, ‘cause you’re singing, dancing, and acting. You know, you’re acting out your music and painting a picture for the audience, so I mean it’s hard, but it’s fun. And it’s worth it.

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 At 18, did you think this is where you would be? And, are you where you want to be?

Well, I’m always grateful for being able to do what I want to do in life. So I would never say I’m not where I want to be, but I always plan to grow. I would never say I planned on doing this at 18 and 'No, I am no there yet.' That would just be ungrateful on a whole other level. I have goals and I’m working on them.

So my last question for you is fashion-related: What are your overall thoughts about the fashion industry?

You don’t see kids in fashion. You see the Rihannas and the Madonnas doing the high fashion, but you never see kids or teens or young adults. So I think that’s missing. I mean, it’s not that I don’t ever see kids in the fashion magazines, it’s that I’m not inspired by the pictures.

Well, I’m happy to feature you on Good Girl Gone Shopping, showing you as a young adult entertainer making fashion her own. Any last words?

If someone asked “What’s the first step?” I’d say just trying. Start now. Don’t wait until you go to college or finish college – start now. That’s something that people don’t really realize. I mean, the “Heels Bags” project was all independently done – my mother, my brother, and us as a family. That was just us. We don’t have to wait on anyone to give us something. Just claim it. Play with fashion.

(Sometimes, you're just born with it! I love this home video, featuring QT Jazz on the right, next to Zonnique Pullins - "Star"- of OMG Girlz)

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