Tuesday, January 28, 2014

‘Apollo Night LA’ Sets Off Internet Radio With the Right Vibe, Voice, and Talent

My mind is always going, my coffee mug is rarely empty, and my music is always on. And, naturally, what I listen to depends on my mood and the project I’m working on. Sometimes my fingers will dance on the keyboard to Frank Sinatra…or I’ll feel a special surge of energy as Drake goes on about starting from the bottom…or I’ll sway to the sounds of Tori Amos as if I’m on the piano bench playing with her. I don’t have a “type” or specific genre of music that I’m in love with – I just appreciate interesting music. And I appreciate those who enjoy discussing and analyzing music in the most relatable and insightful way. 

Sooooo this brings me to “Apollo Night LA” – a hot Internet radio show gaining tons of momentum from several social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. Apollo Night LA is an hour-long show that tapes Monday evening and then goes live on YouTube the very next day. The concept of the show is pretty awesome: A group of people giving unsigned artists the opportunity to have their entire song played. A pretty revolutionary show, actually. And while I do tune in to get a taste of new stuff that’s out there, I get my fix from the real entertainment – the hosts! When Karen Sims (show's creator), LuenellJocko Sims, LottoT.D., and Tracy Kennedy are on, they’re on.

(From left: Jocko Sims, Karen Sims, Lotto, T.D./ Bottom: Luenell)

All is fair in love and war with this group. They sometimes agree on which songs are truly noteworthy, but more often than not tend to differ in perspectives. Sometimes discussion can get heated between the hosts, but that’s when it gets good! I appreciate the sense of respect they give one another even when they agree to disagree. After all, music is so universal and equally so very personal, and it would just be weird and completely fake if they always agreed. I dig that Apollo Night LA is a space for these knowledgeable and experienced professionals to share thoughts, laugh, dance, give praise to unsigned artists, shoot unsigned artists (watch the show and you’ll see what I mean), and enjoy their Armadale Vodka. I can totally see Apollo Night LA on a major network like MTV or Revolt TV! Not to mention, the hosts are stars themselves; comedian and actress Luenell was recently on Arsenio Hall, actor Jocko is a cast member of Fox's "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes," and Lotto and T.D. are featured in the new Honda commercial. 

(Top: Guest Elgin Charles, Jocko Sims/ Bottom from Left: Tracy Kennedy, Karen Sims, Lotto, T.D.)

Currently, in its 25th week, Apollo Night LA is also a cool place for talented guests to come in and contribute to good talk and the overall liveliness. Check out last night's show, featuring the lovely Elgin Charles! Ever wonder what “partaking” means in reference to hip-hop? About halfway in, listen up – Lotto and T.D. explain. WATCH VIDEO

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Unknown said...

Great article Apollonightla has an Allstar cast of diverse personalities. This makes for great listening and real opinions. I can also see them with their own reality show Bravo, Vh 1, BET , MTV etc. Keep up the good work Fam!

Unknown said...

Love this post! Thank you for turning me on to something new. I can only inagine how Luenell will have me gasping for air lol!


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Zina: Totally agree with you! It's going to be exciting how far this group goes. Fabulous entertainment!

Chris: You'll enjoy it! So happy you now know about Apollo Night LA! :-) Let me know what you think after you watch.