Thursday, December 26, 2013

Check Out My Features in the Holiday/New Year 2014 Issue of Agenda Magazine!


I've been a fashion columnist ("Talking Chic") and staff writer for Agenda Magazine, an LA-based jam-packed publication of goodies, since 2004. So I'd love to share my latest features with you, which are now published in this Holiday/New Year 2014 issue! I frequently promote my Agenda articles via social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram), but I know it's easy to overlook posts, tweets, and pics at times. So with each new issue of Agenda Magazine, I will continue to update you - my lovely readers! Here you go:

The Stage You're At
"...I mean . . . Would there be another slumber party where we watched Teen Wolf and ate cookies past our bedtimes? Deep down, I remember knowing my mother was speaking words of wisdom. But deep, deep down, I still wasn’t sure if that really marked the end of all fun ever to be had!" READ MORE

'CJ by Cookie Johnson' Exclusive Pieces to Commemorate World AIDS Day
"...After her husband’s HIV diagnosis in 1991, Cookie has maintained an active role in fighting against the epidemic and has helped to raise awareness in a worldwide movement...In this exclusive interview with Agenda – during a recent special event featuring her line at Nordstrom in Glendale – Cookie shared her insight on World AIDS Day and the special charity pieces from her collection." READ MORE

A Not-to-Miss Night Out at Project Ethos
"Three shows were especially intriguing from the Project Ethos October 2013 event. This included its official hair care partner, Sebastian Professional, in which head stylists executed masterful transformations on stage, as well as the return of the feminine, luscious pieces from the Ermelinda Manos Designs collection and the glamorous and sexy looks of NBC’s “Fashion Star” favorite GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez..." READ MORE 

As always, I love your comments both here, on Good Girl Gone Shopping, as well as on Agenda! Thanks for your interest and support... Happy Holidays! xo

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