Tuesday, December 14, 2010

10 Percent off Designer Wear at 365Hangers.com...Happy Holidays!

Boy oh boy, how time flies! I loooove blogging and connecting with all of you Good Girl Gone Shopping readers on various levels. But I stopped for a bit -- my apologies. Certain life happenings can preoccupy one's time for a bit. And that's all it was with me. But I'm back, and I vow to not lose touch with you for as long as I did. I heart you all!

That said, it's holiday season -- a time of warmth, inspiration, and giving (Please check out my latest "Talking Chic" column for Agenda Magazine: "A Season of Good Deeds -- Big or Small," where I chat about the spirit of the holiday season.) -- and I, like many of you, live for shopping sales. I pride myself in being a smart shopper -- finding hidden gems in clearance racks and friending sales associates (so they can call me when a favorite item is marked down!).

So here's a fun opportunity for you to get your shopping on (especially if you don't feel like being around all the crowds at the mall and would rather shop in the comfort of your own home)! 365Hangers.com -- one of my favorite online shopping destinations -- is offering Good Girl Gone Shopping readers an exclusive 10 percent off reduced prices. This boutique sells designer wear ALWAYS at 70 percent off. Why do you need to fork over your entire paycheck for something fab? If you're smart, you won't have to. So be smart this holiday season. Sure, it is a time to buy things for your loved ones, but it's OK -- in my book -- to treat yourself to something special too. This exclusive discount, on behalf of 365Hangers, is my gift to you!

Happy Holidays!

*Valid one per customer. Use code: 365shopping. Valid through Friday, 12/17.

Photo Credit: http://www.shopsland.org/


SohoAccessories said...

At www.sohoaccessories.com we are offering 30% off with coupon code holiday30. Happy shopping!

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I hope things are getting better and thanks for the offer!