Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brian LaBrada Masters the Art of Photography

As a writer who started journaling at 7 years old (with my Hello Kitty pencil), I have a deep respect and connection with those whose talents began to shine early on in their lives. Brian LaBrada is one such individual. He got his start in photography at the age of 9 years old, when he was gifted with a Nikon EM for Christmas. He's been shooting ever since, eventually becoming more interested in the entire process of film photography and developing his own prints.

So here I am: Introducing you, my fabulous Good Girl Gone Shopping readers, to Brian LaBrada Photography. Whether you are looking for someone to shoot photos of you and your family for the holidays or need modeling images to add to your portfolio, learning about this rad photographer will only help to meet your needs. Shopping for a quality photographer is just as important as shopping for a quality pair of heels, so take notice of what I gotta say:

Everything is about word of mouth; talking up what you do or who you know that does it best is important to getting your name out there. And Jennifer Galvan, Brian's girlfriend and personal assistant,  knows this philosophy quite well. She is the one who introduced me to Brian's work. (Jennifer is an amazing talent herself -- she is a writer and editor at With great pride in his work as a photographer, she would come into work with new shots to show me nearly every week. I was always impressed, as he is hands-down a master in the art of photography in both film and digital formats. His images are intense, close-up lifestyle shots, which capture a variety of vibes. From children's portraiture to fashion and glamour photography, Brian's goal is to produce fine art pieces that are one-of-a-kind.

Based in the Inland Empire of Southern California, Brian is no stranger to the overall industry of photography. He has worked with celebrity photographer Michael Grecco for two years, as well as Alan Weissman. He also looks to vintage photographers such as Jean Loup Sieff and Helmut Newton for lighting techniques and inspiration. Every photoshoot is a new adventure for Brian, as his artistic eye for beauty captures the perfect shot when you least expect it.


- On-location photo shoots

- Family and Children's portraits

- Engagement photos

- Wedding

- Fashion

- Glamour/Beauty

- Editorial

To reach Brian LaBrada Photography, please send an e-mail directly to:

You can also connect with Brian LaBrada Photography online:


Ferial said...

Very nice!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Ferial, thank you for visiting and checking out this feature. I think his work is quite nice too :-) It was a pleasure to write this article.