Saturday, August 21, 2010

Do You Have a Shopping Fund?

Credit cards can get you in trouble, especially when it comes to shopping (unless you are really smart with budgeting what you charge). So how do you save money when it comes to funding your shopping habits? Personally, I like to cut back on the little things, cause the little things can add up. Here 5 ways to regularly save money so that you can go on mini-shopping trips when the time is right:

- Bring your lunch to work
- Make home-cooked dinner meals (the sushi restaurant will always be there)
- Make coffee vs. a $4 Starbucks coffee every morning

- Keep your electricity bill low by turning lights, air conditioners, and computers off when you're not using them

- Pay bills on time in order to avoid late charges

While most of these tips are common sense, it's amazing how many people don't pay attention to how quickly costs can throw you off. I'll admit it: I keep a piggy bank specifically to fund my shopping trips. Change can quickly add up, and it feels great to pour out my change after a month, and voila! Thirty dollars emerges. Depending on where I shop, whether online or in a retail hot spot, it is total satisfaction to know that I am not sacrificing other expenses to buy jeans, shoes, blouses, dresses, and/or accessories. 'Cause in this day and age, you gotta be smart where it counts.

So let's hear it. What are your tips for saving money?

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lu said...

i actually do all of the above! i bring my lunch everyday [saves $50 a week, at least!], cook most days [err my boyfriend cooks, but i eat it..], and i direct-deposit my pay checks into three accounts automatically -- my rent/utilities only account, my "fun" account [for eating out, shopping, etc] and into savings. that way i always have enough to pay the bills, and i can only spend what i have in the other!


Faith J. said...

I do freelance design outside of my full-time job, and I use that money, when I get it, to save up for purchases. I stay away from credit cards (except my Macy's and Bloomie's cards!).

Style Bard said...

I love the idea of a separate shopping fund! Usually my way of doing that is to only use my store credit cards (which, of course, is not an exact science) so that I can really see how much I'm spending each month (whereas if I used my normal debit card, it'd blur in with the rest of my expenses). Maybe each time I make a decision not to visit a Starbucks or vending machine, I'll put aside the amount I was about to spend into a "shopping fund" and when I buy a cute dress instead of some disposable pretzels and lattes, I'm sure I'll be thrilled!