Saturday, June 19, 2010

'Geek Chic' Eyewear by 7 for All Mankind

I got my first pair of glasses at 15 years old. It was during a time when I couldn't read the notes in my piano books very well and the chalkboard at school became blurry to me. Did I want glasses at the time? Sorta...I felt like it would provide me with an intellectual style that would complement my rebellious streak. Thrift stores and rock music ruled my life, and wearing glasses gave me a new sense of confidence. I never resisted the idea of needing glasses. My first pair at the time had plastic frames that were bright red (I had to make a statement!), before I moved onto metal wires as a senior in high school for a classier fashion mode.

My Calvin Klein, black, plastic-framed glasses were my third pair as a young 20-something year old before getting another pair of Calvin's that were thicker on the side and had pink undertones paired up with black. I bought those a few years ago. Now, I sorta have bling glasses -- bold, black plastic frames with a glittery Dolce and Gabbana logo on the side. These are my life now. I wear them always. I figure that my number one accessory is actually a necessity, so why not treat myself to couture. They cost me an arm and a leg, but I love them! They have an over-the-top appeal, but then again, so am I in a sense. They match my personality.

Recently, I've been thinking that, hmmmm, maybe it's time to invest in a new pair so that I have some options; now toying with the idea that 7 for all Mankind eyewear should be my next purchase. I had no idea that this popular line had collections of eyewear, besides clothing (specifically denim). I was surprised and totally excited! Pictured here, are a few styles that may add to your own 'Geek Chic' style. They are each $148 -- not too shabby.

But before I purchase a new pair, I must analyze my finances. Just like most of you, I'm consistently on a budget! Splurging for a new pair of glasses when I actually have two (I kept my Calvin's with the pink) is not always a good idea when it's not the right time. It's great, however, to keep your ideal purchase in the back of your mind. So when you're're ready to shop!

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KDC Events said...

If I still need glasses I would check these out, CUTE!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

You were so cute with glasses! :-)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I started wearing glasses in hugh school as well. I went straight to thicker frames, such as a muted cateye look. I've never had thin frames, guess I am a dork at heart =)