Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Need a Personal Assistant/ Intern!

My life is exciting, because I am living my dream. At 7 years old, I filled an entire Hello Kitty journal with cursive writing about my friends and one day! I knew that I would never put the pen down...

But my life is chaotic at the same time. Here are my weekly, career responsibilities:

(1) Committing 40 hours to being the editorial manager at Plastic Surgery Studios

(2) Striving to create an interactive, insightful blog for you, with this 'Good Girl Gone Shopping' site

(3)Making it to kickboxing 2-3 times per week in the evening
(my stress it really IS a career responsibility...I need to maintain a sense of sanity)

(4) Brainstorming, writing and/or editing fashion articles and blogs for:,,, and's new blog

(5) Social networking and communicating with fabulous bloggers

(6) Brainstorming ideas on how to promote my personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, and styling business

Now where, you are probably asking, does my family, friends, and a social life fit in? Well, I have to be very conscious of separating my time so that I can focus on these priorities as well. Honest truth: me being a workaholic is negatively affecting these areas.

That all said, I need a personal assistant to help me get organized. Keeping me on track regarding deadlines, e-mailing contacts, filing, writing themselves,...all of these things will not only will give that person quality experience - it will provide me with some sanity. I am based in Upland, CA and looking for someone to commit only about 8-10 hours a week, with one day in my office and another day telecommuting from their own home!

For more info, whether you are interested or you have a lead for me, please e-mail me at

Help save the 'Good Girl'!

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The Muse said...

i do hope you find someone...trustworthy, talented and FUN :)

zuveena said...

hi...i wish u wud hire me..i would be very willing to be ur personal assitant...I am a good worker...n i can prove that

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hey Zuveena, where are you located? Contact me at for more info ;-) Thanks for your interest!

MissK said...

Great idea. I was thinking of doing the same thing but Im so anal about my

I hope you find someone!