Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tea Time with Terry of Travertine Spa

With great joy, I present to you a new weekly column on Diary of a Personal Shopper. After featuring Travertine Spa products on my site, and interviewing Terry Carter for Beauty Chat, he and I realized the importance of communicating the power of rejuvenation. Like you, I could use some suggestions and feel-good thoughts as well. These are exclusive articles for Good Girl Gone Shopping readers. Enjoy!

“Tea Time”

I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is experiencing some extreme misery at work. Her company is not doing well, people are leaving. It’s hard to be motivated to get anything done – I've been there.

So I suggested that she create a relaxing environment in her workspace and start a Tea Time.

I had miserable job a few years back where co-workers and I (the one's I liked) would get together for afternoon tea. I would buy a quality tea from a spa or gourmet shop and we would enjoy it and play a fun yet intellectual game in the law library. Fridays at lunch (or after lunch) were great because the office was quiet. In time, people would start bringing their own teas and even desserts.

My friend tells me that Tea Time has made a difference in her day. It gives her and her “tea mates” something positive to look forward to.

Visit – my new favorite elixir is Flora.

Terry Carter is CEO of Travertine Spa. A former attorney, Terry is our Wellness Editor who found creative ways to manage stress. He provides healthy tips for living the spa lifestyle on any budget. E-mail your questions to him at


raquel roysdon said...

Nice that had a problem and found the answer in a creative delicious way. I always enjoy a good cup of tea. But when the weather gets hot, are we having ice tea parties?

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