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Top 7 Articles Intended to Treat Your (Fashion and Shopping) Troubles

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Over the past five years, I've provided you more than 400 articles on Good Girl Gone Shopping! That's a helluva lot of writing (especially while always holding the full-time position of senior editor at Plastic Surgery Studios and regularly submitting to Agenda Magazine!).

Throughout the years, I've gotten a kick out of receiving emails and comments from readers thanking me for discussing a topic that has been on their mind forever. In addition, my random fashion and shopping tips attracted interest from the media, such as and Business Insider. Needless to say -- but I will anyway -- all of my sleepless nights and early morning chugging away has been well worth it.

Sooooo...I decided to provide you some of my top educational articles -- top 7, in fact. Good Girl Gone Shopping was created to help alleviate your fashion and shopping headaches,while hopefully inspiring you to discover your innate style on a budget! So whether you've read them before or find yourself checking them out for the first time...thank you!

- "My Top 5 Unisex Gift Ideas (Practical Picks for Under $20!)" (2012)..."I definitely value this; being creative around the holiday season is so very important. But giving gifts that someone else needs and could really benefit from are also very special."

- "My #1 Tip To Surviving Bad Customer Service: SPEAK UP" (2012)..."I am very vocal, and have no problem asking for a manager in front of the person who was rude to me and then explaining what the problem was."

- "Note to Self: Water in a Cute Cup Does the Body Good" (2012)..."It's so easy to make the wrong choice, such as deciding to wash down that big burger with a soda instead of an iced tea or water..."

- "Do You Have a Shopping Fund?" (2010)..."Credit cards can get you in trouble, especially when it comes to shopping (unless you are really smart with budgeting what you charge)."

- "Ode to Accessories" (2010)..."Different types of pieces can allow you to transform a simple outfit into a fabulous one, and can change up the same outfit to appear as though it's completely different, bringing versatility to your wardrobe."

- "Top 10 Random Tips From a Personal Shopper" (2010)...."De-cluttering your closet will not only give you a peace of mind -- you will now have more room in your closet for new. fabulous digs!"

- "Don't Forget to Feed Your Fashionable Piggy!" (2008)..."No matter what your budget level is, EVERYONE could use the extra change! And why not find a little piggy, or some sort of mini bank, that is fun and fashionable?"

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