Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Was Red-Carpet Ready in an Exclusive Kristen Dorsey Design!

(On the red carpet wearing KDD earrings! )

I'm all about shopping on a budget and enjoying luxury for less. But there are times, I admit, when the price of quality and style can be justified. Or...the very least...understood. Case in point: Kristen Dorsey Designs (KDD). Last month, I had the opportunity to wear an exclusive pair of KDD earrings for an exciting Project Ethos fashion event at the Avalon in Hollywood. Being able to pick the piece myself was also quite the honor, let me tell ya!

My go-to accessory (besides my D&G glasses) are a pair of statement earrings, so selecting the "Turtle Song Earrings" to borrow for the night was a no-brainer. Knowing that I would be wearing predominantly all black to the event, I predicted that this pair of earrings would stand out nicely for a red carpet pic! And I do believe that the Turtle Song Earrings (along with the neon shade of nail polish my niece picked out) gave my outfit some nice flavor and naturally exemplified my personality. 

The delicate details of the earrings are especially quite beautiful, which makes sense -- the entire KDD collection is created from a Native American and Southeastern design perspective. Designer Kristen Dorsey offers jewelry that is ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, including styles for women of all backgrounds to appreciate and enjoy. Love this. 

The price point of these handcrafted pieces are on the higher end, so this may be more of an investment for you. Still, I'm a firm believer in having a diverse range of accessories -- from costume to lavish. After all, never know when you'll need to get dolled up and hit the town in luxury! xo

*Stay tuned for my upcoming review of the Project Ethos fashion event in Agenda Magazine

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