Monday, March 11, 2013

Top 5 Celebs Who Make Glasses Look Gooooood...

My D&G glasses really are my second pair of eyes. I can't drive without them and will chat up the wrong person if I try to function without them.

But forget about needing glasses, "geek chic" specs are being worn by teens and adults for that dramatic, pseudo-nerd vibe. From models and actresses to singers and rappers, wearing a pair of non-prescriptive, funky-framed glasses is moving beyond a simple trend. It's actually become a must-have, staple accessory among people who enjoy playing with their look and making a bold statement. Fortunately, us blind folk can reap the benefit of living among this trend simply due to the fact that there is now a way cooler selection of frames to choose from! (Check out the designer glasses on Yum!)

These are my fave female celebs who can definitely rock a pair of glasses. I love how this accessory naturally embraces their individual styles, whether they chose these particular frames or their stylist or costume designer is to thank. No matter what, these unique starlets make glasses look goooood:

(Zooey Deschanel/ image:

(Amber Rose/ image:

(Cynthia Bailey/ image: 

(Chloe Sevigny/ image:

(lady gaga/ image:

*Disclaimer: No clue if any of the celebs pictured here wear glasses to improve their vision or do so simply for the sake of fashion.


Unknown said...

all look amazing! xx

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Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I agree! Thanks for reading Alina. :-) I'll check out your blog!!