Friday, February 22, 2013

My Fave 15-Year Old Proves Versatility of a Pink Sneaker!

A 5-year old Ashley playing dress-up!
Since my 15-year old niece Ashley was a young girl, she had that "thing." Never one to shy away from the camera, she has always had a unique sense of fashion and mature interest in entertainment, culture, and the arts.

So when I was contacted by Burnetie Shoes regarding their hot, new selection, I immediately thought of my stylish 15-year old niece. My instinct told me that the chic girl who was born and raised in San Diego (with a heart and soul now captured by London) would be the perfect teenager to show flip-flop and Ugg-obsessed gals how to switch things up and wear a sneaker -- a pink sneaker at that.

So, to help prove that this fun shoe can be worn with tons of different ensembles, I asked Ashley to show off her styling skills and put together a few outfits to prove the versatility of this particular Burnetie Shoe.

Now, to be honest, I knew Ashley would knock it out of the park (duh). But what the....! My niece took it to a new level with 6 different looks, which nicely touches upon the wavering weather of Southern California. She incorporated the insane photography talents of her mom, Carmen, played with her environment, and basically let the various facets of her personality come forth with top model fierceness. Ashley also took it upon herself to describe each pic with an awesome caption. Can someone say future fashion editor!? Hellooooo....

Featuring the (affordable) $39 "OX" Burnetie Shoe, check out her pics!

"This outfit is perfect for being festive and making a statement. Whether you are going out for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner or just going out with the girls, this will surely make you pop."

"Cold weather doesn't always mean you have to look frumpy! Brighten up your look with a cute, colored scarf and a bright shoe that will pop. It immediately updates your look."

"Bring out the California beach girl in you with a statement tennis shoe, a simple outfit, and beachy accessories. It's all about being easy and breezy. This outfit is perfect for a bike ride or bonfire with friends in the summer."

"Special occasions don't always have to call for your highest heels. If you still want to be chic and dress up, try a statement tennis shoe and you will look so effortless. And best of all, you will be super comfy."

"Channel your inner 'Gossip Girl' with a cute headband and a bunch of little feminine touches. Definitely an outfit for a girl who wants to be an upper east-sider. Perfect for shopping."

"Be bold and bright this new year! Show that you're not afraid of experimenting with loud colors that will lift your energy. This outfit is perfect for vintage shopping with the girls or even lunch with the family."

Do tell! Which look do you love the most? Please share your comments, and feel free to keep in touch my niece by following her on Twitter! xo 


Sar said...

Just like her Girl Girl Gone Shopping Auntie - she has an eye for fashion!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Ahhh, thanks!!! Ashley inspires ME! xo