Monday, February 4, 2013

From Me to You, I Say...

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Currently, I am working on a fashion article for Agenda Magazine, featuring the Lisa Kline -- the iconic, "Home of LA Style" businesswoman. I am also in the process of writing and piecing together the next Good Girl Gone Shopping blog post, which features my metropolitan teenage niece, Ashley, and her styling abilities in a hot pair of Burntie shoes.

And before I get some beauty sleep and begin planning my Tuesday at Plastic Surgery Studios, I am happy to take a moment to say thank you for your support and patience! This month of looooove is just another perfect time to show gratitude toward my family, friends, and fans. And my lovely readers, you are an overlapping species because you are my fuel. I appreciate every single one of you, and I look forward to continually connecting with y'all here, via comments and my contact form, and/or on TwitterFacebook, and Pinterest.

Now go give someone a hug and show 'em how much you care! Do now. xo


A Sprinkle of Style said...

Just ran across your blog searching for local style bloggers. I love that you blog your shopping adventures and sales. I like to think I'm fairly good at spotting a good sale too. Definitely saw a few this President's day weekend.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for commenting, and providing a link to your blog! Can't wait to check it out. Happy Thursday! xo