Sunday, January 6, 2013

Get over it! Excuses are like sooooo 2012...

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Didn't make your goal weight by December 31st? Eat more fruits and veggies. Still in a toxic relationship? Put your needs first and turn the page. Still stuck at the job you despise? Update your resume and fully engage in networking. Lost touch with a family member or loved one? Get your a** on the phone and show you care.

This is a new year! The excuses that may have worked for you in 2012 (or those that you thought worked for you) should be tossed out, 'cause honestly you're probably sounding like a broken record. I believe that we all are going to experience various changes in 2013. I strive to get over my fear of flying and actually travel beyond California (and Vegas!). I'm also excited to continue revamping my style. From my hair to my heels, I'm consciously showing more of my personality and bringing out my 5-year old self who loved playing dress-up.

So get over it! Excuses are like sooooo 2012.

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