Monday, May 27, 2013

A GGGS EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Kline's Top 5 Faves!

(The lovely Lisa Kline)

So excited to present this Good Girl Gone Shopping exclusive! It follows the recent in-depth article I wrote about Lisa Kline for Agenda Magazine ("The Rebirth of Lisa Kline: From Closing Shop to Creating Connections Online"), in which I shared the Los Angeles business mogul's inspiring road to success.

Now, as a special treat for y'all -- my lovely readers -- Lisa has put together a list of top 5 faves from her incredible, relaunched online boutique, And with her helpful product descriptions, all I gotta say is...Happy Shopping! 


Lisa Kline Private Label - Woven Leather Chain Belt - Snake: "It enhances any outfit you wear. It makes an amazing statement, and it’s really pretty. It dresses up your outfit.”

Lisa Kline - Girl Necklace - Gold“I like wearing the Trucker Girl Necklace - with the diamond in  the boob - with a bunch of other chains. It’s simple and stylish.”

IRO - Ashville Leather Jacket- Black“This is the perfect motorcycle jacket. It has the best hardware and fit!”

Lisa Kline - Private Label White Tank“This is the most flattering tank top. It makes you look skinny in all the right places. It gives your boobs a great shape and it’s bra-friendly!”

Skull Scarf“This is a cute scarf for the summer. It’s comfortable and lightweight, and it adds a nice little pop to any outfit.”

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Lisa Kline 

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