Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top 5 Reasons Why I Blog

I have been blogging since February '07. And I must say that creating this blog, which was originally titled "Diary of a Personal Shopper," has been life-changing. I have met some of the most fabulous fashion, health, and beauty bloggers, while building solid friendships in the process. So as I sit back now, three years later, I can't help but think about why I enjoy blogging.

Here are the top 5 reasons why I blog:

1. I love to share what I know. With experience as a personal shopper, both on my own and for a major retail establishment, I enjoy providing information, tips, quizzes, contests, and interviews regarding all that I deem important in fashion.

2. You -- my readers! I love receiving comments and getting your feedback on my posts. It shows that you care and that you share my passions.

3. It takes away a dull day. Ever have those days when nothing seems right? When I sit at my computer and stare at my blank page, I become giddy with the idea that I can fill it up with my words. My words. Before, I know it, joy has filled the room and no matter what, I feel pride knowing that I decided to make it a productive day.

4. It helps to define who I am. Those who regularly visit my blog have gotten to know me. You have learned that I whole-heartedly believe in shopping on a budget, adore Gwen Stefani, and try to find balance in my life as a workaholic. My blog is a place where I can be upfront and honest. This is my diary (hence, the original idea behind "Diary of a Personal Shopper").

5. It's fun! When a reader wins a contest, I think I am more excited than they are! I love making a person's day. In between showing my styling skills using Polyvore and giving tips about shopping sales during the holidays, I like to shake things up a bit and throw in entertaining blog posts, such as "Who is Your Favorite Housewife?" Once blogging stops becoming fun, you may as well just stop doing it. This passion of mine brings me great rewards -- mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.

So...why do YOU blog?

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Sara said...

Great post Elana! I love to blog, because I just love writing! I can remember getting my first notebook, and I felt like I had the world at my fingertips...I love the beauty of writing, and putting my thoughts down on paper. It is just in my blood to write. And when you said "I become giddy with the idea that I can fill it up with my words. My words." I feel the same way! :)

Randy said...

I've been participating with blogs back when they were still called "web logs" before the term "blog" even existed but what originally got me into blogging was that I needed a way to learn the tips and tricks of Social Networking scene, long before facebook, myspace and all that. But then it became a way to connect with people, share information, voice my opinion and view points with others and have a platform to say anything you want. Then when people start commenting on the things I write and you notice you actually have a following of readers it makes me want to blog more to keep them entertained. Plus its a fun way to past time after a long day of work.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love the fact that you can make friends in different cities, states, regions, even countries all with a post or two. I have met so many fantastic people that I have developed relationships with!

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

I haven't been blogging for long, but I have met some very cool mommys and we've swaped ideas and tips with our young ones. I had no idea how much fun it was until I got started. Great post! said...

I have always loved to write but never thought I was good at. When I was laid off from my first real job in the fashion industry at 5 months preggers, I woke up the next day and started Handbag Report. 3 years later..Sharing my passion with the world and connecting with others has been the most rewarding part. Blogging is like a drug. I'm on a high when I find a new bag to write about! said...

Am just a newbie blogger but am really enjoying it because I have my own personal space where I can literally just come up with something from scratch. The thought of designing and personalizing my website excites me too! So much so that up to now, am thinking of changing my blog name, lol :-)