Friday, April 2, 2010

Who is Your Favorite Housewife?

I confess: I loooove all of 'em: The Housewives of Orange County, The Housewives of New York City, The Housewives of Atlanta, and The Housewives of New Jersey. Maybe it's the catfights, maybe it's the fashion, or maybe it's the pretentiousness that fascinates me. I may just very well be losing brain cells as I watch each episode (I even watch re-runs), but it's totally entertaining.

So if you've never tuned in, and you are the kind of gal who likes watching drama unfold between so-called friends, while staying the heck out of the way, well, I think you might get a kick out of these shows. Airing on Bravo, this network shuffles between cities each season, and right now The Housewives of New York City is on Thursdays at 10 p.m./pac time. Maybe I'm the Good Girl Gone Lame for keeping up with such antics, but I KNOW that I'm not alone.

So I ask you, who is your favorite housewife? Mine is Bethenny Frankel of the NYC cast. She's an author, a chef, and she ain't afraid to speak her mind. I love this potty mouth!

And who is the biggest train wreck amongst all seasons? Well, that's too hard to point out...

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Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I love Bethany, I really think she is the only one who works hard and is a real person. As for the train wrecks oh there are so many but the worst is Romona...have you seen her facial expressions OMG to funny!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

So I still think Kim of the Atlanta cast is quite...hmmmm...what's the word. Just interesting, I I see where you're coming from!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I love the OC, I guess because it's familiar--the location not the riches haha. They put Housewives on the map. New Jersey was the funniest though haha!

What about the rumor of Beverly Hills? That would be awesome!

p.s. I tagged you, if you'd like to play along =)