Thursday, April 22, 2010

Get Preggers Chic with a Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Baby Bag

One of my favorite websites is The Handbag Report. It's fabulous! Editor-in-chief Staci Rutherford works hard to bring the latest haute handbags to the forefront, and I definitely take notice.

Now I'm not pregnant and I typically shop -- and promote shopping -- on a budget. But when it's time to splurge, it's time to splurge! Pictured here is an adorable Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Baby Bag. It is so hot, and will definitely add some dramatic appeal to your outfit. For more details about this bag and TONS of other insanely beautiful handbags, be sure to visit The Handbag Report.

(On Sunday, the 18th, Staci wrote that there was only one left at, retailing for $395. Hurry, hurry if you're hot for this. Maybe it's still available!)

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