Thursday, April 29, 2010

Win a $50 Marshalls Gift Card (and Vote For My Finds!)

I talk budgeting, promote budgeting, and shop with budgeting on my brain. So as one of 10 bloggers who had the opportunity to shop with a Marshalls' $100 gift card (in order to show how far we can stretch it while scoring hot finds), I am totally ecstatic to show you what I found. And yay -- my pieces are also featured on Marshalls' "Ten Best Finds" site, where you can vote for me (Just click on "Diary of a Personal Shopper" below, and then click on "vote for this blogger.")

Cost info about each item:

Madden Girl” shoes – grey peep-toe heels (combination of leather and patent leather)

Marshalls price: $24.99

Regular price: $45

Kenar” Blue blouse – spaghetti straps, frilled, with long strands to be tied in back

Marshalls price: $15

Regular price: $42

Max Studio” Embroidered sun dress – dark and light grey combination of colors/ spaghetti straps and criss-cross back

Marshalls price: $29.99

Regular price: $98

Jones New York” green scarf/shawl – 100% viscose/fringes

Marshalls price: $12.99

Regular price: $36

Total cost (w/tax – 8.75%): $90.91

Total cost of prices if regular priced (w/ tax – 8.75%): $240.34

Total savings: $149.43!!!!

My three-hour shopping trip was definitely an adventure, considering Marshalls carries many one-of-a-kind pieces. Because I was in search of versatile clothing, shoes, and/or accessories, I took my time and shopped smart, predominantly browsing through sale and clearance racks. I hit two locations actually -- both the Upland La Verne, CA shops. If I had a list of exactly what I needed, I would have saved some time, yes, but this experience was about exploring and seeing all that Marshalls has to offer. And my goodness, there are FABULOUS items worth trying on. I tried on about 20 pieces before I decided that these four were good to go. Each being comfortable, versatile, and unique, they naturally fit into the style of my wardrobe.

And guess what? I am proud to open up a contest to you as well! Please comment here and let me know which of my items is your favorite and what you would wear with that piece. I will choose the winner based on who offers the most creative idea! The prize: a $50 Marshalls gift card so YOU can get your shop on!

My contest will run through March 16th, the same day that the "10 Best Finds" contest I am in ends. (You can vote for me every day if you'd like! Please spread the word to your friends!)



Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

The sundress is my favorite!!! I think that bright green scarf will really ad some fun!

Amanda Allison said...

I love Marshall's. They really do have on-trend clothes for half the price. The shoes you picked up are my favorite! I would wear them with dark wash jeggings, a pastel pink v-neck, black boyfriend blazer, and layers of pearls around the neck and a large tote bag.

Good luck with the contest!

Just_Riss said...

I love the blue ruffle top! I would wear it with denim shorts, black boyfriend blazer, straw fedora, with a chunky necklace and some cute tan leather sandals with a wooden heel. :) Great summer look!

Anonymous said...

I Love the heels. Pair them with black skinny jeans a tank and a sassy short coat (I'm thinking fur) and you have a hot date night outfit.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am so excited for you, just voted ;)

I have never shopped at Marshalls but I guess I need to start. LOVE your finds! I love that blue blouse and I bet it looks great with your blue suede shoes!

My fav item here are those shoes though. I have to admit that I am not up on the new styles of shoes. This heel version of the bootie is super cute and they look so comfy. I may seriously go buy myself a pair. Sorry to be a biter! Ahahaha!

raquel roysdon said...

I like the sun dress and the scarf. I'm sharing your blog on my facebook page. :)

Enjoli said...

I like all of them but...I would have to say the the Grey sundress with the heels. Add the green scarf for a pop of color.

oh well what the hay...LOL
The blue top I would wear with some skinny jeans and a wedge heel.

Kimberly said...

I love the blue ruffle top, it's a very stunning piece. I'd wear it with some really cute denim Capris, some sexy lace up heels, & matching accessories.