Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Bikini vs. The Tankini

Which one is sexier - the bikini or the tankini? Which one is more comfy? And, which one is appropriate for your body type?

Although the tankini is typically a tank top style top with regular bikini bottoms, I refer to Paris' Carl's Jr. signature swimsuit as the sexy tankini. Whatever the official name is...I mean look at it! It definitely ain't a full suit.

On Chic Galleria, I show you a hot OC Housewife who can actually pull off this look!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

3-Day Weekend...

How do you commemorate Memorial Day weekend? Is it a barbeque-packed day or lounging poolside?

I wonder if your day off from work is a time where you think about those who fought for our country. Yes, it is a freebie day, but it is also a day to be thankful.

So workaholics: Let's unite and acknowledge the fact that we don't need to be plugged in every second of this 3-day weekend. I'm going to try. Are you in?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Fight with Fat: One Girl's Insight to Her Weight Loss Challenge

Visit Fashion, Love, and Martinis to view the latest YouTube video of Amanda Allison. Her honesty, integrity, and bravery will amaze you.

Fashion is for all sizes, shapes, and personalities. Remember this as you shop and browse through your favorite magazines.

Amanda will definitely evoke an emotional response from you. I am listening to the video as I write, and I hope that you take the time to listen to her words. I don't know anyone else who is this candid about her weight loss struggle. I wish her only the best. (In fact, I am going to text her - my Northern Cali buddy - my support!)

Photo Credit:

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Kristinit "It" Top of Spring

I am quite proud of my recent one-on-one interview with Kristina Lenss in Agenda Magazine (the "Going Green" section) -- the designer behind the Los Angeles-based, eco-friendly line, Kristinit. Lenss' sweet nature, passionate drive, and innovative design concepts are an investment that will benefit your wardrobe.

Pictured here is my very own Kristinit exclusive blouse that I had the pleasure of receiving directly from Kristina! This is me in my hotel room at the Luxor Hotel two weeks ago, before heading out with Plastic Surgery Studios' coworkers for an enjoyable evening after the ASAPS show.

My original plan was to take a few pics of me wearing the blouse in a few different ways -- with a vest, under a blazer, etc. But honestly, this type of silk top looks best as is, letting the design and creativity shine on its own. The other pieces hid the pink and cream-printed design, and I didn't want to do that! So, because the material is sheer, I wore a black lace tank underneath and voila! My Kristinit look was complete. I paired it up with my Forever 21 denim skinny jeans, and black BCBGirls booties.

How would you have worn it?

To see more of Lenss' collection of blouses and adorable dresses, please visit

Photo Credit: Me and my camera!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Plan to Shop at Stateline...

Steve and my (and his!) best friend Chuck turn 30 next week, so a bunch of us are packing up to drive north to Vegas. Yes, I just came back from a business trip there. But you know, you can never have too much of Sin City!

I'm excited to play penny machines and drink cheap cocktails, dance my tail off, walk the strip both downtown and in Old Town, and of at stateline! I heard they have a Juicy Couture outlet store! Heeeeeyyyyy...

Enjoy your weekend! When I get back, I have two great articles coming up: the "City Chic" book winner and a feature on designer Kristina Lenss of the fabulous eco-friendly line, Kristinit (Read my interview with her in the latest issue of Agenda Magazine, in the "Going Green" section.)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maybe if They Were Betsey Johnson Sunglasses...

I never would have accidentally left my new pair of shades behind. But this time, they were Coach.

I say this because the way I cherish Betsey Johnson is like no other. My next pair of shades will most definitely be a pair from this fashion designer's collection, especially after seeing my friend wear a black pair at a bbq. I gasped the minute I saw the tiny leopard decal near the lenses. I asked her slowly, "Are those...Betsey Johnson...sunglasses?" When she said yes! I almost threw my hands up in a hallelujah. I also love the price point of most Betsey glasses: less than 100 bucks.

But anyway, back to my new big, Coach sunglasses. They are not only extremely important for protecting my eyes -- they are prescriptive!!! God forbid, you know? My first time ever including a prescription with sunglasses...

So the fact that I came very close to being nearly $300 in the hole, and losing a fresh, olive-toned pair of shades is so disturbing. Here is how it went down: I arrive with Stephanie at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center (while I did the network and media thing with the Plastic Surgery Studios team, she did sales processing), and I couldn't find my press badge. So I say, "Go ahead, let me just sit down for a moment and look through my purse." Well, I DON'T find my badge, forcing me to find the press office and now write my name on a generic press badge (not nearly as cute and credible in my eyes). After I do all of that rummaging and getting the replacement card, I head into the convention center to work.

After a few hours, my feet that were strapped in by 4 inch-mesh heels were killing me, so I happened to walk past the couch again so that I could find a place to sit and rest for a few. Thankfully, one of the marketing sales consultants got my attention. He was sitting in the exact same spot I was, so when I go over to sit down and chat...just GUESS what is sitting in its nice little brown-printed box with the light shining directly on its fabulousness? MY GLASSES! I almost had a heart attack. I never realized I took them out.

So here are my 3 lessons from that situation:

(1) Once you go Betsey, you always go right. I am turning to her Gods next time for memory.

(2) If I have to take everything out of my purse to find something, there is WAY to much stuff in there.

(3) Know that there ARE good people in the world. Although we were surrounded by one of society's most wealthiest bunch -- plastic surgeons -- they could have always snatched my glasses and gave them away. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you don't do evil deeds. So for ME, in such a busy place...finding my glasses sitting nicely on a lamp-lit table...I was happy to know that those with morals and a good heart really doooo exist! all-over-the-place story has come to a close, and I must move on to my next to-do item; I got corporate material to proof! But I wanna know: What have you come so close to losing that you thought you would lose your mind???

Friday, May 1, 2009

The 'Good Girl' on Video Talks Plastic Surgery

This Sunday, I head to Las Vegas with the sales and marketing team for the ASAPS show (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery). As the senior editor, I have tons of networking to do and medical seminars to go to. Yes y'all, I do more than write about fashion, provide fashion tips, and personally shop for/with women. I write about boob jobs, nose jobs, celebrities and plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery addiction.

So, please give a round of applause to our Plastic Surgery Studios site! You will find me giving insight to my role under "Web Design." I also put my heart and soul into writing all of the content.

*Please forgive my leave of blogging absence this weekend. I will be sure to give a rundown after the trip!