Monday, May 18, 2009

The Kristinit "It" Top of Spring

I am quite proud of my recent one-on-one interview with Kristina Lenss in Agenda Magazine (the "Going Green" section) -- the designer behind the Los Angeles-based, eco-friendly line, Kristinit. Lenss' sweet nature, passionate drive, and innovative design concepts are an investment that will benefit your wardrobe.

Pictured here is my very own Kristinit exclusive blouse that I had the pleasure of receiving directly from Kristina! This is me in my hotel room at the Luxor Hotel two weeks ago, before heading out with Plastic Surgery Studios' coworkers for an enjoyable evening after the ASAPS show.

My original plan was to take a few pics of me wearing the blouse in a few different ways -- with a vest, under a blazer, etc. But honestly, this type of silk top looks best as is, letting the design and creativity shine on its own. The other pieces hid the pink and cream-printed design, and I didn't want to do that! So, because the material is sheer, I wore a black lace tank underneath and voila! My Kristinit look was complete. I paired it up with my Forever 21 denim skinny jeans, and black BCBGirls booties.

How would you have worn it?

To see more of Lenss' collection of blouses and adorable dresses, please visit

Photo Credit: Me and my camera!


Jenn @ Workchic said...

Love the way you wore it! Would also look chic with grey trousers. It is always difficult to cover up such a beautiful print.

Amanda Allison said...

It is a beautiful blouse! I'm in love with the color.

Tucking it into a pencil skirt would be another great way to wear it. Not high-waisted skirt, just your classic black (or maybe white?) pencil skirt, sleeves slightly rolled if necessary; would be fabulous!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Jenn: Love the idea of trousers. Will definitely provide it with a classic look.

Amanda: The pencil skirt gives it a nice vintage-classy feel. Me likey!

Thanks for sharing. Versatility is key with fashion, and I love hearing how others would approach styling!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Just like u are! It's great as is...and looks good with skinnies!