Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Amanda of "Fashion, Love, and Martinis!"

I was the first person to comment on Amanda Allison Valdez's blog, Fashion, Love, and Martinis. And I love to remind her about that!

When I originally came across her site months ago, I was immediately drawn to how candid she was (and is!) about her goals with fashion, her personal style, and how fabulous she feels in her own skin. She is completely open and honest, and I completely respect her for that. So, since then, we became friends through tons of networks. You know, myspace, facebook, blogcatalog, Twitter, etc., while now moving onto actual text messages. After getting to know what she is made of, I decided to invite her to after I was personally approached from CM's Ali Costello regarding my own personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, and styling services. Truth be told: it was quite obvious how a talented image consultant and stylist such as Amanda would do their site good. Shortly after that, Ali and Amanda made contact, began building a working relationship, and voila....

Now, we are both CM "Featured Pros!" This is truly a great opportunity to meet other fashion professionals, while also reaching out to those need of our assistance.

And what makes this really special, is that Amanda and I interviewed one another and wrote bios for each other. In the process, we learned how similar we both are (journalism majors, fashion bloggers, AND stylists) and agree how important it is for a client to work confidence in his or her wardrobe. (Amen to that, right?!)

Be sure to watch and listen to Amanda' latest "vlog" post on Fashion, Love, and Martinis! Just as I am, she is delighted to be a "Featured Pro." Her squeals are the cutest!


Stephanie said...

Hmmmm....I have never been to CM until today!!!!!!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Did you join? I am working with the owner/ founder in creating their blog. You should totally get involved!