Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Skinny Jean, Try-On Shopping Trip!

Here's the deal: Skinny jeans are not for everyone. Most of you know this.

While I, myself, have a dark denim pair from Forever 21 -- I am very conscious as to how I pair them up with my blouses, dresses, and jackets. I can tell you that as I lose weight (8 to a 6 currently), they are much more slimming on my pear shape. And no lie, I have had my own share of fashion flops despite the praise I have received when wearing them.

This is why I love to see boy-cut body shapes sport a slim pant. Narrow, straight hips do not have to be hidden in a loose slack or jean, because that can actually emphasize the lack of shape on the bottom.

So with great joy, I have an 11 a.m. try-on shopping trip with my new client (and fellow Beauty Chatter), Jennifer. She has a great shape: busty on top and narrow on the bottom. While we joke about giving one another of what we have (I give her some of my rear, and she gives me some of her cleavage!), she truly wishes that her narrow waist, hips, and thin legs could appear fabulous. And with great excitement, I will help her accomplish just this! A skinny jean with high, small pockets will give her a tighter look around her hips and bottom; at the same time, however, when styled with bias-cut blouses and fitting jackets, the eye will be sure to continue moving up to her proud features.

Because I have had such great experiences with Forever 21, and I love my $13 skinny jean from there, we are going to meet at the Victoria Gardens location in Rancho Cucamonga (about an hour east of LA). With a speed record of one hour, I typically get a client in and out -- unless he or she enjoys schmoozing. Showing up early with a handful of clothes ready to greet the person, or already having his or her dressing room set up, is how I provide ultimate personal shopping. No matter a client's size, body shape, or style; everyone deserves excellent customer service.

This is the number one goal of Good Girl Gone Shopping, with A-list treatment and attentive sincerity the other qualities of my personal shopping, wardrobe consulting, and styling business! So let's give a cheer for Jennifer, who is willing to try a new style for the first time. My goal: to upgrade her classic, sexy look into head-to-toe "fabulosity." (Shoes are another shopping trip in itself!)
So be sure to keep up with my blog news, as I plan to then post Jennifer's before and after pictures in my photo gallery.

(And, my friends, as you shop for new trends, here is my reminder: Just try it on! Many clothes can be misrepresented on the hanger.)


Unknown said...

Yeah...I don't think skinny jeans look that good on me. A few more pounds and we can be best friends! Lol.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

It definitely takes the right blouse to make the look flattering!

Anonymous said...

I'm even more inspired to get those jeans now!