Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Two Loves This Valentine's Day (red heels included)

I am not the type of person who wears orange on Halloween, green on St. Patrick's Day, or the combo of red and green on Christmas; I have never been a fan of the obvious expectations that these sorta holidays present. Being a kid is one thing, but now in my late 20s, I just can't seem to do it!

What about Valentine's Day? Immediately "romantic" shades of red and pink typically come to most people's minds -- yes, mine too. Funny how I make the exception for Cupid's-little-arrow-in-the-heart-day of love, right? So for me, this year, I will stylize my outfit for a night out with my honey by wearing my Anne Klein patent-finish dark red booties with nearly all black. To ME, that is sexy. I love just a pop of color on one of the sexiest pieces of an outfit: thy shoes.

After recently getting rid of a pair of my simple Nine West red, pointy-toe stilletos (after having them re-soled twice and getting the tips pained as color chipped), I never thought I'd find another that would make my heart pitter-patter in quite the same way. I was heartbroken; those 8-year old Nine West heels have taken me from the most awesome LA fashion shows to Vegas craziness, and back to my first date with Steve nearly three years ago.

Fortunately, my new patent leather heels have filled the void in my heart.

So it looks like this Valentine's Day, I will head out for some nighttime fun with my two loves. Now, THAT is something worth celebrating!

Photo Credit: May '08, Steve's birthday, and one of my favorite pics and moments.


Amanda Allison said...

Love the shoes, Elana! They are going to look so fabulous with an all black outfit.

Another thing we have in common: You said you've been with Steve for nearly 3 years. Well, next will on the 15th will be my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend, DC.
Go figure, right? :)

Ashley-Nicole said...

I don't mind people who dress up for certain holidays (I just don't like those sweaters that has Christmas splattered all over, lol). Also, I love the color of the shoes you picked, though I'm not a fan of pointed toe shoes (mostly because of my feet). Do you have any advice on how to make pointed toe shoes more comfortable?

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Amanda, how fabulous! ;)

Ashley, you pose a terrific question. Look for a new blog post where I tackle this! There is a science to finding the right pointed-toe heel.