Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maybe if They Were Betsey Johnson Sunglasses...

I never would have accidentally left my new pair of shades behind. But this time, they were Coach.

I say this because the way I cherish Betsey Johnson is like no other. My next pair of shades will most definitely be a pair from this fashion designer's collection, especially after seeing my friend wear a black pair at a bbq. I gasped the minute I saw the tiny leopard decal near the lenses. I asked her slowly, "Are those...Betsey Johnson...sunglasses?" When she said yes! I almost threw my hands up in a hallelujah. I also love the price point of most Betsey glasses: less than 100 bucks.

But anyway, back to my new big, Coach sunglasses. They are not only extremely important for protecting my eyes -- they are prescriptive!!! God forbid, you know? My first time ever including a prescription with sunglasses...

So the fact that I came very close to being nearly $300 in the hole, and losing a fresh, olive-toned pair of shades is so disturbing. Here is how it went down: I arrive with Stephanie at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center (while I did the network and media thing with the Plastic Surgery Studios team, she did sales processing), and I couldn't find my press badge. So I say, "Go ahead, let me just sit down for a moment and look through my purse." Well, I DON'T find my badge, forcing me to find the press office and now write my name on a generic press badge (not nearly as cute and credible in my eyes). After I do all of that rummaging and getting the replacement card, I head into the convention center to work.

After a few hours, my feet that were strapped in by 4 inch-mesh heels were killing me, so I happened to walk past the couch again so that I could find a place to sit and rest for a few. Thankfully, one of the marketing sales consultants got my attention. He was sitting in the exact same spot I was, so when I go over to sit down and chat...just GUESS what is sitting in its nice little brown-printed box with the light shining directly on its fabulousness? MY GLASSES! I almost had a heart attack. I never realized I took them out.

So here are my 3 lessons from that situation:

(1) Once you go Betsey, you always go right. I am turning to her Gods next time for memory.

(2) If I have to take everything out of my purse to find something, there is WAY to much stuff in there.

(3) Know that there ARE good people in the world. Although we were surrounded by one of society's most wealthiest bunch -- plastic surgeons -- they could have always snatched my glasses and gave them away. Just because you have a lot of money doesn't mean you don't do evil deeds. So for ME, in such a busy place...finding my glasses sitting nicely on a lamp-lit table...I was happy to know that those with morals and a good heart really doooo exist! all-over-the-place story has come to a close, and I must move on to my next to-do item; I got corporate material to proof! But I wanna know: What have you come so close to losing that you thought you would lose your mind???


Beth Anderson said...

LOL! My new Betsey Johnson sunglasses I ordered from Rue La La just came in the mail. They are so cute. Pink with butterflies. My Juicy Couture sunglasses are prescription. Can't live without those! Wish I could have gone with you to Vegas!!

Amanda Allison said...

Omg, thank God for good people! I know I would've been bummed if I didn't realize until later that I had lost such a thing. You got very lucky, friend!

I'm looking at Betsy's shade and I love these:

Fab post. :)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Ooooh Beth, knowing your chic style, I'm sure both pairs are hot. That would have been so much fun if you would have been able to meet me there! ;-)

Amanda...ummm...yeah...those red ones are SO YOU. And 65 bucks is a totally reasonable price. These are the ones my friend has:

I could never copy, but so tempting...