Thursday, January 1, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Win a Shubi Bag to Protect Your Shoes!

In my efforts to reach out to all of you as your go-to personal shopper and wardrobe consultant, I offer you my first giveaway of 2009!

Anna of Shoe Smitten is graciously offerinng you, a Good Girl Gone Shopping reader, the chance to win a Shubi Bag. (Remember my interview with this shoe crazed-fashion blogger and business owner in October?) Here is a little info about this item, directly from Anna's Shoe Smitten Boutique:

The Shubi company was started by two sisters who are polar opposites yet together form the perfect pair, with both bringing forth very different talents and skills and each maintaining a unique style of their own. Soomean is an art director for an advertising agency in NYC, while Jihwon is a pharmacist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Despite living on opposite coasts and working in very different professions, they are bound by a love for stylish shoes, the latest fashion trends, and for making things happen creatively.

These two creative sisters came up with the idea after a frustrating and fruitless search for a way to tote their shoes around town with style and class. Living in Manhattan, Soomean always carried an extra pair of shoes for commuting to and from work. She, like many city girls, would tote her shoes in flimsy, beat up, plastic, grocery bags because she could not find suitable shoes bags to tuck them in. Soomean complained to her sister about not being able to find cute shoe bags, and Jihwon mentioned that she had the same problem during her travel.

So, the two crafty sisters decided to create a bag that would give their lovely shoes the care and rest they deserve when they are not pounding the pavement -- and the Shubi was born. The Shubi company came to life with a desire to bring fashionable shoe bags to the mainstream.

(Don't you just love learning the behind-the-scenes details of businesses and designers?)

To ENTER the Shubi Bag giveaway, just comment on this post, and tell me which shoe you are the most excited about this season and why. I will choose the winner based on her passion for fashion! The winner will receive a Shubi Bag directly from Anna, with love. Contest ends Sunday, January 11th at noon.

For other fun shoe gifts, visit Anna's Shoe Smitten Boutique! Then follow her on Twitter, and let her know Elana sends her gratitude.


thepegster said...

i love this shoe bag give it to me. i am 5'11 and can't wait for the new sandles to come out for the summer. i carry my shoes in a small paper shopping bag since i ride the train to work. i don't want to scare all the men away with my height so i whip out my fancy shoes and height when i need work :) this shoe bag would do wonders for me.

Anonymous said...

I really love the new Mary Jane's that are out. They are not just the single strap. Although I love the classic( I just picked up a new pair in black) I appreciate the new styles double straps, extra thick straps, and the colors. I also like the revived chunky heel.

The Muse said...

Cavelli Grey Boot is looking awesome :) A very gal to wear those..or .. a MUSE LOL (i like them)1

mindy said...

i love all the new short boots they are fabulous thanks for the contest

Sherry and Gena said...

This bag is great...I leave work and go to the gym and this would be perfect. I am looking forward to my first new pair of strappy heels for the spring!

wendy wallach said...

I am excited about the boots that have a peep combines the needs of the season with a little bit of oomph!

madamerkf at aol dot com

pestkaj said...

I am always excited for sandal season. Although I hate hot weather I love having my feet half-naked.

pestkaj at

Anonymous said...

Nice post to go....Seem to be a lotta things happenin around here... I would like "Harley Davidson Saunter 13 shoes" Harley Davidson Saunter 13 shoes rather.. I have ordered some and awaiting it's arrival...
Will post on it as soon as it arrives... Lol