Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get 10% off at Shoe Smitten Boutique!

From the way a new pair smells right out of the box to the way a sexy heel hugs our feet -- shoes are a fashionista girl's best friend. So if you want to take feet fashion to a new level, a trip to Shoe Smitten Boutique gives you ideas on how to protect your shoes as well keep your feet feeling soft...

My recent Q&A with owner, Anna Bassham:

When did you develop the concept of Shoe Smitten boutique?

It all started when I realized that I love shoes, and I wanted to learn about all of the designers. I started Shoe Smitten blog to get acquainted with blogging and the fashion community. The boutique was an idea I got one day when I realized that there aren't any online stores out there that only sell shoe accessories and items for shoe lovers. I thought, what a great niche! I don't have to stock all sorts of sizes (like I would have had to do to sell shoes) and I can help people all over to celebrate their passion for shoes.

Is this a one-woman business? Do you run both the boutique and blog?

Yes, this is a one-woman business. I write the blog, and I run the boutique. It's time-consuming, but it's totally worth it to me. I never get sick of answering questions about shoes or accessories.

What type of women would benefit from being a customer of yours?

Any woman who loves shoes, and wants to update her shoe wardrobe without spending a fortune on new shoes - she can simply buy some of my Absolutely Audrey shoe clips to add some bling to a plain pair of pumps. If you love shoes, and like to be stylish, you will like the items on Shoe Smitten Boutique. I even have sterling silver charms in the shapes of designer shoes.

Will you eventually start selling shoes or stick specifically to shoe accessories (which is totally unique!)?

Well, right now I plan on sticking to shoe accessories and gifts, but if the opportunity arose I would love to start my own line of shoes. But first, I'll have to take some shoe design courses! I am considering doing that after I finish my journalism degree.

One of my favorite products of Shoe Smitten is the clear shoe boxes. I can imagine how convenient it makes it to find a pair of shoes amongst the gillion that most women have. Do you have a favorite Shoe Smitten product?

My favorite Shoe Smitten products would have to be the Margarita Bloom Organic Foot Creme. It smells delicious and feels amazing on tired feet.

Tell me about yourself and your start in fashion....

I am a journalism (strategic communications) student at the University of Kansas. I graduate this December, and I hope to then get a job in online marketing or advertising. I currently work at a company as a social media marketer for their multiple web stores. My long-term goal is to be a WAHM and be able to focus my full attention on Shoe Smitten Boutique and the blog. I have big dreams for my sites, and I can't wait to explore the future opportunities. I am also considering taking some design courses so I can possibly design my own line of shoes. They would definitely be high heels and funky styles!

Me, an Inland Empire personal shopper, wardrobe consultant, and an admitted self-proclaimed shopaholic, I love when I can offer deals, specials, and discounts on items that the owner him or herself determines. So, when the shopping bug attacks you and you wanna make a purchase at Shoe Smitten Boutique, just use code SMITTEN10 at checkout.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Anna...what a doll!


Anonymous said...

Shoes here are cool! I love them. It's so comfortable wearing them. We have the same favorite Shoe Smitten product=)

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Schoe Smitten Products are cool. They are comfortable to wear. I love it! We have the same favorite Schoe Smitten products. I simply love it=)

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