Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kickboxing to Kick a Bad Habit

I completed my first kickboxing class today at the gym. My friend Andrea ("Dre") and Jana speak so highly of it that it was time I took part in the madness. And while I don't necessarily -- or at ALL -- resemble the chick in this pic, I felt pretty hot sweating and looking tough in the class. I mean it sooooo does a body good. Of course, at some points, I mixed up steps and had to stand aside and let Dre show me how things are done. But I stayed with it, sweat like crazy, and was so proud that I decided to choose a workout this evening instead of good 'ol Parliaments.

So this will be my regular Wednesday 6:30 pm class amongst my 3-4 days working out doing cardio. I'm still determined to get back into the fit shape I used to be so very proud of.

Now....first up: some fabulous, comfy kickboxing workout clothes. Yay! That is one area where I rarely splurge. It's time I finally give in.


Jana said...

I knew you would enjoy that class!!! It always kicks my butt, but I am sooo addicted.

Ashley-Nicole said...

Congrats on starting the kickboxing class, though that photo just scares me (I'm too lazy to be that buff LOL).

Leeann said...

No more smking! Congrats for going to the class, I've heard Dre explain how intense it is, good for you!

MarriedToIt said...

OMG!!!! I took a kickboxing class and its prety much the reason I married my husband. I was soooo dead after the class I almost didn't make it home. So when I got home he called and I was pretty much not that into him but I was layed out on my sofa and couldnt get up. I told him I was stuck and he came over and rubbed be back to life. I was totally in debt to him. we talked and talked as he rubbed my back. We started talking and dating on a regular basis.

By the way I never went back to kickboxing.