Saturday, September 27, 2008

If There Were Only 4 Elana Pruitt's...

(A year ago with the fam -- logged off with a full tummy of sushi, and wishing that pop was in the pic instead of taking it!)

Sounds totally egocentric and full of myself, right? Well, a business professional I speak with frequently throughout the week, someone I highly respect, mentioned that certain situations would be great if there were 4 of me.

What do you say to something like that? First off, I sorta agreed -- but not in the "I'm so fabulous, 4 of me would be sooooo cool." No, it was more like "Wow, if there were 4 of me, I could get this done on time, make that appointment, call that person back, etc..."

So as I get busy and my time on the computer has recently become scarce for various reasons, check out what I am greeted with when I log back on to 3 different e-mail addresses:

- Newly developed social networking site invites
- "You've just been added as a friend" e-mails from various sites
- Queries regarding advertising
- Link exchange requests
- Sales and discount messages from my favorite in-store and online shops
- Event invitations for LA fashion shows, store openings, and launch parties (Thanks Kaylene!)
- Family "Hellos, haven't spoken to you in awhile..."
- Pics of my niece my sister and mother love to send me
- ...and then the random junk that I don't read, just click and delete (also time-consuming)

So, for those of you who I KNOW can totally relate to feeling guilty for not being able to return messages back and calls back in a timely manner, you have to admit: Wouldn't you enjoy having 4 of you sometimes?


Beth Anderson said...

Awww....I love this picture. You guys look so happy. Ok, spam those social network invites. They will eventually stop or go right into spam. On those sites, set your emails preferences to receive no emails. Advertising~yippee! Sales and discounts~a must! All the rest~I feel your pain. :) My mom often wonders if I'm still alive.
Luv ya tons!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Chic Gal -- we were! ;) Good to know I'm not alone my friend.