Thursday, July 31, 2008

What kind of Diva are YOU?

Chic Things Galleria and Girltime Coaching's Christine Spencer has developed her own line of fabulous divas. From the "Mommy Diva" and the "Spa Diva" to the "Martini Diva" to the "Shopping Diva," her DEFINING DIVA'S collection is (currently) exclusively sold on Cafe Press. Check out samples of these designs. How cute are they!!! You can learn more about Christine on her blog, Live Passionately.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fashion Chicago Magazine Features the 'Good Girl'

Check out how you can dress this shoe up and dress it down -- with each outfit under $100 -- by visiting my recent article for Fashion Chicago Magazine (the second page, first article in the issue!)

This "Bobbi" sandal by Chinese Laundry is only now $49.99 - great price and great quality.

The heeled gladiator sandal...are you into it?

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Win a $25 Gift Certificate to spend on!

Check out my recent Beauty Chat interview with Onamia Chun of Fugly Lab - an online store featuring affordable skincare and makeup products. Think sample size products and sample size prices! In fact, "Fighting Ugly One Sample at a Time" is their motto.

Good luck, tomorrow is the LAST DAY to enter to win a $25 gift certificate for Fugly Lab products. I will post the winner on Beauty Chat Tuesday, the following day. I have several products from, and all I can say is: holla. They are convenient for my purse, take up little space on my bathroom counter, and truly are great products. Just two of my recommendations:

(For only $16.50, you will LOVE this grapefruit soy line of bath and shower gel, moisturizers, polish, lotions and butters. And the cutest little clear plastic bag for it all!)

( For $30, you can look forward to reverting back to refreshed skin. An upscale line of anti-aging skincare products, Elizabeth Arden has helped revive my stressed out-looking skin with a: makeup remover, 2-in-2 cleanser, and a visible difference cream complex. And yes, the bag is adorable - a purple and white zip-up.)

* Stay tuned for another Fugly Lab giveaway! This time, on Chic Things Galleria. I will definitely keep you updated.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wellness Editor Terry Carter Featured in LA Times - Talk About a Savvy Body Care Business Owner...

Check out Diary of a Personal Shopper's very own Wellness Editor, Terry Carter, as featured in the Los Angeles Times!

One of the products you see featured in this pic (which I took from is the Petal Body Cream that retails for only $18. Whether you are male or female, this lotion is a perfect moisturizer to keep on your desk at work. My friend Chuck commonly comes to my office to lather up, and can't stop saying how much he really enjoys it.

Shop Travertine Spa for quality products, including an apparel line collection!

Hot Jeans for the Tall Fashionista

Being sick and fatigued at home instead of at work has only one benefit: catching up with daytime talk show nonsense. So I'm sitting her in plaid flannels and a tank while watching the new Wendy Williams' show and I picked up a fashion tidbit I HAVE to share with my tall sistas (Denice of KDC Events, I know you'll love this!):

If you find a great pair of affordable jeans, buy 2 pairs and visit a really good tailor. Then have him or her take the second jean and cut off the bottoms and sew to the first pair.

Wendy showed her jeans up close and you can't even see where the jeans meet below her calf! I didn't even think of this. I have the opposite being 5'4 -- I take my jeans to a tailor to get hemmed and always keep my original hem. That's where she cuts of the bottom and sews it back on after taking a few inches off. So if a tailor can shorten, I suppose they can lengthen, right?

This radio talk show Diva says that she is 5'11 and loves to wear 4-inch heels. You go Wendy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Celebrity Fashion Designers -- A Greedy Business Opportunity?

(Sean John, Fall 2008 New York Fashion Week)

Gwen Stefani? Lauren Conrad? Eve? Daisy Fuentes? P. Diddy? Jaime Pressly? Milla Jovavich?

The list is endless, and on many levels, I'm tired of the celebrity designer trend. I know that Gwen has loved to sew since she was a kid, and Lauren went to FIDM (as shown on "The Hills")...but what about the others? A business opportunity vs. the innate passion for fashion design?

You tell me...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Me and Adrianne Curry of America's Next Top Model...

...Are both in the summer issue of Me -- the fashion columnist ("Talking Chic"), and Adrianne Curry ("My Fair Brady" and formerly "The Surreal Life") - the cover model/ Reality TV star and lead interview.

Kaylene Peoples, editor and publisher of Agenda, is in full force with revamping the magazine and making it better than ever! Being with the mag for 4 years, I can tell you that it has come quite a long way. Always fabulous, but now, more fabulous than ever!

I would love your feedback. If you have never visited, please do! This summer's issue features a hosted video at the Santa Monica pier with Lindy Flowers, and a shout-out to moi's column topic: the teeny-weeny bikini.


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Scent of Light by Terry Carter

Wellness Editor

Now that its summer, what are you doing to enjoy the warm evenings? I live in Southern California. During the days, temperatures can exceed 100 degrees. At night, they may cool down to the low eighties…but I love warm nights.

One of the things that I enjoy most is outdoor picnics and concerts. Every summer I go with a few friends to the summer concert series at the Hyatt in Newport Beach. This is a great venue because you are close to the coast so the temperatures are even more pleasant and the concert takes place at an outdoor amphitheater.

Our yearly plan at the Hyatt is to see Ottmar Liebert perform. This is a great event, not just because he is a friend of mine, but because his sound is so beautiful, so mellow, so exquisite for a summer evening. Besides being a Grammy-nominated platinum selling artist he’s a genuinely generous man. His new album, The Scent of Light, which he describes as “My best album yet…” has been my top iTunes play for the last few weeks.

“Each of these ten instrumentals draws a picture, and each picture tells a story. It's music as a smell that triggers unexpected memories. India, 1978... Granada, 1992... each track has a strong atmosphere of time and place, like the journal of an itinerant poet or painter.” "Morning Light" is my favorite –so far. There is a Listening Lounge on his website where you can hear selections from a few of his albums and download music. You can even download the sampler album for free! Didn’t I say he was generous.

Come join me for a relaxed summer’s eve in Newport Beach or check the Tour Schedule for a tour date near you.

Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra
Friday, July 11, 2008 at 8:00 PM
Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
1107 Jamboree RoadNewport Beach, CA 92660

Terry Carter is CEO of Travertine Spa. A former Attorney, Terry is our Wellness Editor who offers creative ways to treat yourself well. He provides healthy tips for living the spa lifestyle on any budget. E-mail your questions to him at

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's Hot On Your Favorite Fabulous Blogs!

Extra! Extra! New design and URL change at Une Boutique Tres Chic...Anna shows off her newest footwear purchase over at Shoe Smitten - a pair of Donald J. Pliner Gisa heels. Details about the Defining Diva © Collection by Christine Spencer is highlighted on Chic Things Galleria (more about this incredible new line to come right here, on Diary of a Personal Shopper)...Fashion Frenzy's Nikki shoes the JLo-ish side of past America's Next Top Model winner, Jaslene...Independent Fashion Bloggers is moving as they admit to outgrowing Blogger.... Gala Darling over at iCiNG talks about the "50 Things to Do Before Summer Ends"...Tamra of Shop it to Me Blog announces its Bluefly winner (lucky!)...

Check out my 'Fabulous Blogs' site listing and catch up with what's goin' on elsewhere!

The 'Good Girl' Finally Goes Handbag Shopping

I spent quite awhile yesterday in Macy's scoping out the fabulous handbags on sale -- my brown H&M chocolate bag just doesn't cut it anymore as the, I hate to say, cheapness is coming through as the color is fading and actually scratching off. Sounds like I should have gone handbag shopping before it even got to this point, eh?

Beauty Chatter Sarah, with her genius "Handbag of the Month" column really got me thinking of what I'm looking for. And while I love both Sarah's Ed Hardy big bag and Beauty Chatter Leeann's multi-colored L.A.M.B. purse, I need to find something that exhibits a mixture of my personality and practicality, and to be completely honest, not cost me half of my rent money!

So, I had a (mental) shopping list of what I wanted out of my new handbag. This was it:

- Black
- Trendy
- Edgy
- Quality
- Fun
- Versatile (can dress up and down)
- Professionally-chic
- Under $100

And I am vey proud to say that I found EVERYTHING I was looking for in a Kathy Van Zeeland "Rock & Roll Fold Over Chain Tote." Although it wasn't on sale -- it goes for only $89. With such awesome details, that bag is totally worth it:


With a huge collection, Kathy's white puffy purses is next on my list. Let's just see if I can keep it clean!

I then headed over to Ross for a designer wallet for less, and to my pleasure, I found a Kenneth Cole Reaction aqua-green wallet to go with my bag for only...$9.99! I like mixing and matching, so this was perfect and still allowed me stay within my budget.

Saving money while shopping is all about knowing which places offer fabulous fashion finds for less, being realistic, and having your own criteria.

What do you want out of your next handbag? A Betsey Johnson purse, clutch, or tote is on my list for some funky freshness. And of course, before I left Macy's, I still got my Betsey fix. I couldn't resist these pearl bow earrings:


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

U Got Your Shopping List Ready?

Do you prioritize your shopping trips with a list? Maybe it's time that you gave your favorite boutiques the same attentiveness as you do your go-to grocery store!

On Chic Things Galleria, I give you 3 Top Tips how you can save money during your next shopping trip. It just might take a little planning on your part.

Have questions? You know how to contact me.

"Peace, love, and cute shoes!"

Friday, July 4, 2008

'Makeup on the Go' insider Kelly Laws Fills Void in Beauty Industry

My personal shopping and wardrobe consulting business is built on various factors, one of which is convenience. I enjoy providing both men and women with services that ease their stress and frustrations with shopping online or in-person.

And yay! I have met someone who also believes in providing personalized luxury on a budget. Everyone deserves A-list pampering here and there, and I'm proud to say that Kelly Laws, owner of 'Makeup on the Go' has your best interest in mind. After all, the motto of her company is: "We travel to Make You Beautiful."

Not only can you gather fabulous summer beauty tips from Kelly on SisterSpeak, and some of her fashion and wardrobe ideas on Alluring Looks; you can also clap your hands and squeal in delight about the options you have with Makeup on the Go. Check it the services:

Makeup Application: $50.00

Makeup and Eyelash Application: $75.00

Eyelashes: $30.00 for Strips/$35.00 for Individual Lashes

Bridal Consultation and Makeup: $125.00
Trial Session- Included in fee
Wedding Application-Included in fee

Fashion Shoots: $100.00 per hour

* Out-of-state travel, makeup application classes (individual or group settings), spa parties, and Fashion Show MUArtistry are priced upon request.

Contact Kelly Laws -- the talented educator and makeup artist! She can also be reached on Black Business Women Online (where I met her!)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Before and After Plastic Surgery in Hollywood hot is Latoya Jackson here? Right here, she is 24 in 1980. After typing in "plastic surgery fashion" in Google images to see what popped up, there was she was on I think she looks fabulous here, and quite gorgeous. And of course, those high-waisted jeans look flattering and so chic on her.

Because I am so enthralled with seeing before and after plastic surgery photos of celebrities, I had to show you this one lovely "before" photo. BUT, plastic surgery can also greatly improve a person's look if he or she is willing to find an experienced plastic surgeon.

Check out my latest Beauty Chat post called: "Do Celebrities Still Pave the Beauty trends in Plastic Surgery?"

I'm open-minded on tons of topics, and plastic surgery is no exception. What about you?