Sunday, July 13, 2008

The 'Good Girl' Finally Goes Handbag Shopping

I spent quite awhile yesterday in Macy's scoping out the fabulous handbags on sale -- my brown H&M chocolate bag just doesn't cut it anymore as the, I hate to say, cheapness is coming through as the color is fading and actually scratching off. Sounds like I should have gone handbag shopping before it even got to this point, eh?

Beauty Chatter Sarah, with her genius "Handbag of the Month" column really got me thinking of what I'm looking for. And while I love both Sarah's Ed Hardy big bag and Beauty Chatter Leeann's multi-colored L.A.M.B. purse, I need to find something that exhibits a mixture of my personality and practicality, and to be completely honest, not cost me half of my rent money!

So, I had a (mental) shopping list of what I wanted out of my new handbag. This was it:

- Black
- Trendy
- Edgy
- Quality
- Fun
- Versatile (can dress up and down)
- Professionally-chic
- Under $100

And I am vey proud to say that I found EVERYTHING I was looking for in a Kathy Van Zeeland "Rock & Roll Fold Over Chain Tote." Although it wasn't on sale -- it goes for only $89. With such awesome details, that bag is totally worth it:


With a huge collection, Kathy's white puffy purses is next on my list. Let's just see if I can keep it clean!

I then headed over to Ross for a designer wallet for less, and to my pleasure, I found a Kenneth Cole Reaction aqua-green wallet to go with my bag for only...$9.99! I like mixing and matching, so this was perfect and still allowed me stay within my budget.

Saving money while shopping is all about knowing which places offer fabulous fashion finds for less, being realistic, and having your own criteria.

What do you want out of your next handbag? A Betsey Johnson purse, clutch, or tote is on my list for some funky freshness. And of course, before I left Macy's, I still got my Betsey fix. I couldn't resist these pearl bow earrings:



raquel roysdon said...

i love the purse, what a great shopping adventure you had. The earrings are super cute too!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks Raquel! It sure WAS an adventure. As I walked around, I was holding several before I decided. I didn't want anyone to take my possible purchases ;). Yeah...just a little greedy!

Beth Anderson said...

I was wanting to buy a Kathy Van Zeeland too. Great pick!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

As Chuck would say: "I.................................(keep waiting for it) it! That purse is adorable, love the accents. And the earrings? Fabu as well! I recently went into Saks Off Fifth Aveune and they had many Besty Johnson purses, I totally forgot to tell you. Sorry! Well, next paycheck, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog Elana! I love the Kathy purses at Macy's! They have such a cute, unique style. And the one you choose is cute and versatile as well! Betsey Johnson is great too, her accessories are always super cute.

Luxe Tips said...

Have I told you lately how much I just loooove your blog? We so think alike. I always start with discount stores, consignment shops, and thrift stores first! I am actually working on a blog post on this very subject. I love your finds...the purse is super cute. There is a thrift shop here in Atlanta that had a Betsy Johnson Bag, very very gently used for $75! So go to some consignment and thrifts too for bags! ( I know you already know are the Good Girl Gone Shopping! lol!)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely check out a local or LA consignment shop during my next handbag shopping trip. I loooooove your blog too. Thanks! ;)