Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bring the Spa Vibe to You with Travertine Yoga Wear!

I typically lounge in my boyfriend’s flannel, plaid pjs (really they’re mine because I shrunk them…whoops!) and any top I can grab for comfort. And right now…let’s see, well right now I have a striped tee on with those bottoms. Yikes. Now imagine if I had to run to the store or had to do an emergency run; I would have to run upstairs and change into something semi-decent. (I mean, I am a personal shopper, right?)

This is why I’m in love with my new Travertine Spa Yoga Wear shirt! It’s slate/gray (can go with any bottoms), has an adorable moon-sun logo, and is that really comfy jersey material. Plus, it’s long! Basically, when I’m bending down in Albertson’s to pick out my favorite type of string cheese, I won’t have to pull down and bend.

For $48, I will be sure to wear this Yoga Wear tee as often as possible. What a great addition to my casual wardrobe! And if I can hurry up and get back into Pilates, this top will be perfect.

Travertine Spa products are perfect for rejuvenation – whether it is apparel or moisture therapy (The “petal” scented Jojoba Body Cream is so scrumptious that I am going to bring it to work for my mid-day pick-me-upper.), and I’m learning just how many celebrities are huge fans of this line.

If your days feel endless and chaotic (but rewarding) like mine, I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy your own Yoga Wear clothing and/or a special product. Yes, you deserve to pamper yourself once in awhile.

…Oh, and look for my interview with Terry Carter, the Travertine Spa founder and CEO, coming soon on Beauty Chat!

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Molly :] said...

Sometimes.. comfort is the only way to go...

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

And cuteness! My mom is the typical critical-like mom when it comes to fit and fashion, and she loved it just by looking it at. Her comments, "Oooh, I love that jersey material!" I felt like I got that stamp of approval. ;)

beautylogicblog said...

I am such a yoga addict. I'm purchasing this today.

Beth Anderson said...

Travertine Spa is the sponsor this week for Chic Girl Friday!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Aren't Neda and Terry great? Look for my interview with him on Beauty Chat. ;) I will check yours out Beth.