Thursday, July 3, 2008

Before and After Plastic Surgery in Hollywood hot is Latoya Jackson here? Right here, she is 24 in 1980. After typing in "plastic surgery fashion" in Google images to see what popped up, there was she was on I think she looks fabulous here, and quite gorgeous. And of course, those high-waisted jeans look flattering and so chic on her.

Because I am so enthralled with seeing before and after plastic surgery photos of celebrities, I had to show you this one lovely "before" photo. BUT, plastic surgery can also greatly improve a person's look if he or she is willing to find an experienced plastic surgeon.

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I'm open-minded on tons of topics, and plastic surgery is no exception. What about you?


Beth Anderson said...

I met Latoya back in the early 80's. I remember her being very tiny and smiling a lot.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I bet! Did you ever see her on that ridiculous Reality TV show last year where she was in training to be a cop. Was just sad.

Crimzen Creative said...

I despise this subject because celebrities have the money to make themselves beautiful and it is such an unattainable lifestyle for the general population. I never enjoyed Latoya's music and preferred Janet, but she also succumbed to the surgery. Be happy with yourself already!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Interesting Lady Language. I love knowing what others think about such a touchy and controversial subject.

Unknown said...

wow, she WAS pretty! it's too bad that people need to do such drastic things to their looks. she and her brother were great to begin with!