Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fancy Footwear: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

There is always a time to wear black heels and black flats. But what about the occasions that call for fancy footwear? I suggest that you invest in at least one shoe that has flair! Whether you are headed to a party, a night out with your significant other, or heading to a fashion event; wearing a pair of sassy heels or flats can definitely up your confidence level. But this isn't always an easy task, I know. You may be thinking, "What if I can't pull the look off?" or "Will it look like I'm trying to hard?" Don't doubt your ability to be creative with your wardrobe. Stepping outside of your comfort zone at times can feel liberating, because fancy footwear offers you the chance to fully express your personality.

Of course, purchasing a glammed up or funky shoe can be daunting at times. Finding just the right fit, color/print, height, and size may not happen overnight, but if you have the will, you will take the time to find a way. Winter doesn't have to be drab and springtime doesn't always have to mean simple sandals. Take a plunge, have fun, and know that fashion is a matter of trial and error. You can always return shoes or give them away to a friend if they just don't make the cut. But it is important that you don't fear fashion, especially fancy footwear.


Unknown said...

I am in love with the red shoe!!!

Rondell said...

They carry these at Payless?