Saturday, December 5, 2009

And the Winner Is....


Thank you to all who entered the Perricone Md Advanced Eye Area Therapy contest. GradSchoolMommy posted an interesting comment regarding her experience with skin care treatments. Due to her interest in Perricone MD and her disappointment with other products, I decided that I'd love to treat this grad student and mom.

To win, I asked readers to leave their thoughts on the importance of good skincare and mention of lines that didn't work for them previously. Here was GradSchoolMommy's comment:

"I really do consider skin care an investment and have spent a pretty penny on different lines over the years. I try not to cobble together my skin care regime, as I do believe that you have to use complimentary products to get the best from a line. I've tried everything from La Mer to Lancome, but they didn't resonate with me past a year or so. The brand I have found the most success with is Clarins. However, I've heard rave reviews about Perricone MD products -- and I'm overdue to give their line a shot. I'd love to try this Eye Area Therapy out and see how it works! Although I'm a grad student, I'm also a mom and 40 years old... so I could really use all the help I can get. :) Thanks for a great opportunity to give this line a try."

More contests to come! Thanks again.

"Peace, love, and cute shoes!"

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