Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Show Your Personality with Pics on Pinterest!

After seeing many of my Facebook friends and Twitter peeps linking to pics on their Pinterest boards like...all the time, I finally decided to get the ball rollin' and see what all the hype is about. After all, I grew up with my bedroom walls plastered with my favorite rock stars, actresses, singers, models, and iconic magazine covers. And today, fast forward more than 15 years, I still love to be amongst this type of wall art. Currently, I have a collage of beauty ads that I've ripped out of mags, overlapping one another on my bathroom wall. From shots of Halle Berry to Gwen, it inspires me to embrace my own unique beauty as I get ready each morning for work! I am absolutely inspired by various types of visuals.

...Such as with this pic, which features Heather Petry, a Los Angeles/Inland Empire fashion designer and blogger (who I met over a year ago at a private Kevan Hall showing in downtown LA). I repinned this pic of her and added it to my "Fashion is Art" board recently. Wearing a strikingly colorful, nod-to-the-60s vintage dress, Heather consistently embodies true, unique style.

And when it comes to true, unique style, that is exactly what I'm enjoying about Pinterest -- it's a community space where you can share an image and let it speak for itself. From fashion to food, and everything somewhere in between, Pinterest is just what I need when my fingers need a rest from typing and brain can't form a simple sentence anymore. I love pretty pictures!

So, two thumbs up! As a Pinterest newbie, I am here to stay! Follow me and be sure to follow Heather.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Heather's Pinterest "My Style" board


Stephanie Hadrath said...

Love the colors!!! Incredible lovely combined!!!

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Really a beautiful dress!

Household Management said...

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Dede said...

I love Pinterest! People are visual so it is a great way to get yourself out there in a different forum.

Your blog is truly fantastic and so happy to have met you on Twitter via Daytimewdonna:)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thank you Dede! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog. It's great connecting with you. Happy Friday!!!