Sunday, January 23, 2011

Designer Kevan Hall Showcases His Spring 2011 Collection at Agenda Loft...and I Was There!

(Kevan Hall and his models)

Extravagent fashion shows can be a mind-blowing experience. The long catwalk, flashing camera lights, front row celebs -- elements that reflect the designer's success. And designer Kevan Hall is no stranger to this environment, as his glam gowns have graced the big runway for years. But recently, on January 19th, he took his Spring 2011 collection to Agenda Loft in downtown LA for an small, private showing. It was a nod to the back-in-the-days 1930s fashion shows at Salons, where buyers, press, and the privileged few were exclusively invited to preview a new collection. Proudly, I was one of the few exclusive guests to attend the intimate showcase.

Having interviewed Kevan Hall backstage prior to his show, in 2006 at Smashbox Studios during LA Fashion Week (I am still a staff writer and columnist for Agenda Magazine), I was delighted that I had the opportunity to view another one of his collections. This time, instead of models being 30 feet away, they were posing nearly beside me.

The models danced and swayed as they entered the main area of the loft on a white catwalk and struck a pose as needed for the photographers. All of us guests stood on the side of the catwalk watching them do their thang and fondly watched Kevan Hall adjust the gals' gowns as they sat down or sauntered about. I absolutely loved when a model took part in a scene such as this: Sitting on a pink chair, putting on a pair of hose, slipping on heels, and putting on a necklace...then getting up and walking back down the catwalk with a come-hither-me look. Had such a striking, dramatic appeal. Something you wouldn't witness at a big runway fashion show. There was even a moment toward the end of the show that the guests were encouraged to pose around the models for fun. I mean, hello, how great is that!

(Coty loving her som Heidi Klum!)
(Coty and I after the show)
(Gloria Bass of Vintage Glo)

(Arun Nevader, Kaylene Peoples, and Kevan Hall)

   (Heather Petrey of
Overall, it was quite a successful event. Kudos to Agenda Magazine's editor-in-chief Kaylene Peoples for putting on such a memorable event! It was an honor to attend. My fashionista friend in tow, Coty, enjoyed herself as well, especially when she saw photos of Heidi Klum lining the hall walls as we entered (see her pic above...haha...) Some of the fabulous attendees, all of whom I respect and admire, included: jewelry designer Gloria Bass, book author Marilyn Anderson, celebrity and fashion photographer Arun Nevader, and LA fashion blogger and designer Heather Petrey.

I share my experience with you because I believe it's important for you to be familiar with all that I am involved with. After all, you're reading my blog to gain insight to the world of fashion and shopping. So sharing my firsthand accounts with designers and other talents is my pleasure. More to come!

Kevan Hall is the first designer to show his collection at Agenda Loft --  a performance loft and event venue with an urban skyline setting. Some of his celebrity clientele includes Celine Dion, Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Charlize Theron, Salma Hayek, and Vanessa Williams.

(A moment to remember: Me and Kevan Hall)

Photo Credit: My camera!


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