Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pledge $1 to Back a Popavina Fashion Show!

I was recently contacted by Los Angeles fashion designer Marina Rahlin, who introduced her line, Popavina, to me with great excitement. And you know me, I am all about one pursuing his or her passion! So I took a look at Marina's collection, and I'm loving the unique, fun appeal so much that I decided it must be presented to you, my fabulous Good Girl Gone Shopping readers. The name of her line developed out of her love for pop art, which is apparent in the color, cuts, and fabrics she uses. Feminine sillouettes, big jewelry, and bows are some of the elements in her signature style. (Pieces with intended wit and humor make for a perfect party dress, if you ask me.)

Now, in addition to chattin' it up about Marina's second collection, which is inspired by Bossa Nova music, classic literature, and the great energy of Los Angeles, I want to tell you about how you can become a backer for her fashion show. Fashion shows can be costly to front (think materials, photographers, models, and PR representation). So starting at $1, you can donate to her overall fund...while getting a reward in return! Marina most definitely doesn't want backers to walk away empty-handed. Donating a buck, you will receive a phone call or an e-mail (your choice) from Marina, in which she will personally thank you and discuss style tips, current trends, favorite designers and whatever is on your mind! Hellooooo...awesome! And if you're feeling way generous, she has it broken down on what you will receive if you donate $5, $10...all the way up to $1,000. I, personally, plan to pledge $25, so I can have a dress named after me, in which that named dress could be featured in magazines, boutiques, even worn by celebrities.

Please take a sec and check out her profile, video, and pledge info on Kickstarter.com. I only promote what I believe in, and I truly think this is genius. It's a win-win-situation for all!

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Popavina.com


Simplyfem2010 said...

I don't like the designs... I can't pin point it.. but i thought the designs were ugly... I don't know.. just my personal opinion.

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion. I am curious on what exactly turned you off about her collection. We all have our own opinion, so it's interesting to hear yours. I personally dig the look because it's so unique and...fun!

MaryGrace said...

POPAVINA by Marina Dahlin is showing at LA Fashion Week at the Hope In The City fashion gala!!! so exciting!!!