Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tacky Alert: Wearing PJs in Public?!

(Pajamas can be chic, comfy, and fun to HOME!)
I know how hard it can be to gather energy to simply go to the grocery store. I know how it feels to be down on a drab day. And I get the "I don't care what anyone thinks of me" mentality.

But none of these reasons justifies wearing pajamas in public! Since November, because I've become more health-conscious, I head to my favorite local grocery often. ('Super King' in Claremont, Calif. has amazing prices on produce, by the way. Ummm...two avocados for 99 cents! Whaaaat...) This means that I see a plethora of people -- those of all ages and ethnicities. And amongst my annoyance that most people don't believe in personal space or have enough manners to apologize when slamming their carts into mine (ugh), I am continuously seeing teens to 30-something year old women wearing flannel PJ bottoms and hoodies, adorned with ratty hair and slippers (or UGG-ish boots, whatever..). Casual styles are cool, but laziness is a whole different story. Wearing designer-studded shades or having a fabulous handbag just doesn't make up for the fact that you walked out of the house in digs that don't belong in the grocery store.

Those of you who follow my Good Girl Gone Shopping blog know that I am very rarely, if at all, judgmental about personal style. But this time, I must put my foot down and shout out at the top of my lungs: "No more pjs in public!" And most of you also know that if I make a claim of any sort, I typically provide reasoning and insight to my perspective. Well, my friends, this topic is no different.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should avoid wearing pjs in public:

(1) You're wasting money: What about all of the new leggings you just bought? Remember when you  couldn't afford to get gas because you chose to buy another black pair to add to your 10+ collection? Well, those are waaay more passable than flannel bottoms with pictures of coffee mugs all over them.. Your leggings shouldn't just be sitting there at home, where your pjs should be. What a waste of your money!

(2) A poor image could get you poor customer service: Not saying that it will, but books are definitely judged by their cover. Unfortunately, customers are judged by store employees. You don't have to go to the grocery store dressed to impress, but you do deserve a positive experience everywhere you go.

(3) You could run into your ex: This might be trivial, but is it? Do you really want the person who meant everything to you see you at your worst? Or, on a different note, you could see a really cute guy or girl next to you in line. Ummm...bets are, your dazzling smile isn't bright enough to overpower the fact that you wore pjs out in public.

(4) You could ruin your chance in future employment: Bet you didn't think of this, did ya? What if you're on the hunt for a fashion position, and the gals in front of you are talking about the latest this and that from the new issue of InStyle. And what if you try to contribute to their conversation, only to find out that they are the editors at that publication!? Would this be the best time to try and shake their hands and introduce yourself? At that moment, your outfit is not expressing your true style, so that may not be the best decision.

(5) You might need to go somewhere else afterwards: So you're planning on just running to the store for milk and eggs. But as you hurry along in order to make it for your BFF's birthday party in an hour, you realize you forgot to get her a gift! So, to the mall it is. But in your pjs? Making an extra trip to go home will make you run even later than you hoped.

As a fashion professional, whether I'm helping a person shop for clothes or writing about clothes, I feel it is my duty to really put this topic out there and help you understand something: Image is not everything, but it does communicate your personality. If you're not a lazy human being, then don't pretend you are!

So preserve your self-image, hold your head high, and be proud of your wardrobe. And don't forget: What may be perfect for one environment is not always appropriate for another. Would you wear a bikini to the office? Exactly! I didn't think so...

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Unknown said...

Elana, Im so glad you wrote this post. As a person who believes in looking fabulous at all times, I agree it comes a time when looking less then fabulous happens buuut! Flannel pants and hoodies with uggish looking shoes is frightening to say the least! There needs to be a "casual wear" makeover! STAT!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Hey Ebony! Thank you for reading, and I'm happy you appreciate this article. I just couldn't keep my mouth shut anymore about this. I am such a supporter of creative style and thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion, but this is not even close to that. It's just being uber-lazy. And it must. stop. NOW!

Manmeet Sachdev said...

totally agree with you...loved the post :)

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Thank you Manmeet! I am following your blog now. :-) I love your articles!

SoHo Accessories said...

I think it is a lazy sloppy look and now I am seeing guys doing it also.YIKES!!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...


The Honeyroom said...

I agree this is trend that I hope ends very soon! Take a little time and effort and actually put on clothes!!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Yup!! An extra 5 minutes can make a MAJOR difference! :-)