Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'll Be Back Mi Amigas!

Good evening my lovelies!! Hope your 2012 is starting off on the right foot. If it hasn't, remember: Tomorrow is always a new day to start fresh!

...And I know, not posting for more than a month is NO BUENO. But my wheels are always turning in regards to providing you unique articles. I even had a fabulous, insightful discussion with a social media wiz today about "quality vs. quantity" when it comes to blogging, which was quite inspirational. Please understand that I want to connect with you as often as possible, but in my book, quality always surpasses quantity. That said, I appreciate your patience as I let my ideas marinate...

So until I return, please keep up with my sudden bursts of thoughts (budget-conscious shopping tips, shout-outs to fabulous news stories and professionals, how this or that song on Pandora brings me back to a fave memory, etc.). You can do so "liking" my Good Girl Gone Shopping Facebook Page and following me on Twitter.

If you are interested in any of my professional services, would like to learn about advertising or partnership opportunities, or simply want to just say hello to your favorite personal shopper (EVER!), please feel free to contact me. I personally respond to each and every email.


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