Monday, September 20, 2010

Aster Magazine: A Visual Index That Inspires

Aster Magazine, an ezine that offers both visual and intellectual stimulation, recently interviewed me! Not only am I proud to share that such a fabulous online publication decided to feature me (Justine, the endearing writer who accompanied me to meet Steve Madden, did a phenomenal job!), I am proud to introduce you to Aster Magazine due to its unique concept and approach towards all that is art. And yes, that naturally includes fashion.

Initially launching as a magazine that featured artists who directly engaged with Aster, this mag has grown into a full-fledged work of art in itself. The focus on creativity is evident in that it "includes professional works in lifestyle, fashion, art, design, photography, music, architecture and other mediums," while showing an appreciation for those behind the processes. So you can imagine my delight in being asked for an interview, considering the inspiring direction and philosophy of this magazine.

Being recognized as a professional personal shopper and fashion blogger is totally fulfilling -- an experience that I, the Good Girl Gone Shopping, will never forget.

Read my interview!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Aster Magazine


Reanaclaire said...

HI there..I am Claire and I would like to ask you whether you are interested in writing some sponsored posts for some shopping sites.. if you do, please contact me at reanact(at)gmail(dot)com

Viva La Fashion said...

congrats! :D that's so cool.

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