Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July Fashion -- It's All About Denim!

If you wanna show off your patriotism this holiday weekend, then do it in style AND comfort! Here are a few of my Polyvore-styled outfits, which cater to the casual and sporty gal as well as the chic stylista who has somethin' to prove! It's all about denim on a day of family, friends, and fun times.


Heidi Walker said...

Luv the VAN's.

Not so sure about the outfit with a romper. I think I am sticking to my guns on that rompers are for toddlers. :-)

BNN said...

Loving the Nerd Tee!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Heidi, I definitely don't think the rompers are for everyone. But I still think they're ultra cute!

BNN: I would so wear that tee!

Amy-Jade said...

Love these!
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and feel free to tell me what you think:)