Monday, July 5, 2010

Preparing for Moving Day: Cleaning Out My Closet

In one week, I will be moving into a loft. As excited as I am -- moving into a big artsy space downtown -- I will be losing something that I have grown used to: junk closets and drawers. Currently, my second closet in the second bedroom has been a convenient storage area for extra shoes, clothes, photo albums, old college textbooks, and small workout machinary. Yup, all of that fit in there. But what am I supposed to do with all of that now, as I prepare for our move? Well, I have no choice but to do a closet-cleanup and rid myself of what I don't use and what takes up too much space. As I move from a place that is full of children chitter-chatter outside to an upstairs space that sits right above a wine bar, I am moving into a place that has no hiding spaces. I think this is a good thing, ultimately, because it allows me to condense my junk and simplify my life.

Even as an Inland Empire and Los Angeles personal shopper and wardrobe consultant, in which I help others clean out their closet -- I, myself, have work to do. It's a never-ending battle, really. You know, reducing the amount of clutter in you wardrobe. But so far, I have no regrets. However, I still fear a little that I will actually gid rid of something that I still really want. Then again, if I've forgotten it's actually there and/or it doesn't fit correctly or comfortably -- it's not worth holding onto. Plus, there are those who could benefit from what I have. I was excited when I saw my gold Chinese Laundry heels priced for $5.99 at the Goodwill the other day. Someone will get a good deal! (I often donate my stuff to the Goodwill. This time, however, will be my biggest clean-up and clean-out process ever.)

Have you ever gotten rid of something that you wish you would have held onto?

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I have a problem getting rid of stuff. I am a bit of a packrat...note I said packrat, not hoarder lol!

Because of this my old room in my parents' is still full of junk!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I am still donating stuff to the Goodwill! I am trying to get organized and rid of things that I simply do not use (and forgot I had!).

Let me check out your junk, I may want to barter with ya. lol...