Thursday, March 4, 2010

You Two Have Won 2 FREE Hours of Personal Shopping and Wardrobe Consulting!

Thanks to all who entered to win 2 FREE hours of personal shopping and wardrobe consulting. Because I know the value in this prize, I decided to choose two winners. They both showed their need for my assistance with great energy and honesty!

So congrats to Bryana, who said this:
"I REALLY need help! haha I don't have much of a variety of clothes and usually resort back to jeans and t-shirts. I'm looking to accessorize and add some flair to some outfits. Or just start fresh!"

...And congrats to Rachel Lisa (Los Angeles makeup artist), who said this:

"Oh boy, where do I start? First of all, I work in the fashion industry, but have no idea to dress myself. How a is that? Second of all, I have realized that you cannot dress the same way when you are 24 and a size 4 vs. 34 and a size-not-gonna-say. My wardrobe has been reduced to a basic daily uniform of a black tank top with leggings and boots. Once, I wore a white tank top and my friends freaked out. I'm pretty sure I could look and feel better about myself as I go through my weight loss process, and just look more professional in general. Like someone that people might actually want to hire to do their makeup! :(..."

More contests to come!

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Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

Congrats Ladies you will not be disappointed. Elana is great at what she does!!!!!

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

I send many congratulations to the winners. You are truly lucky, she is a genius. She took 3 basic outfits in my closet and turned it in to about 7 or 8. Enjoy!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

You ladies are soooo sweet. I love what I do!!!!