Friday, August 21, 2009

My Heart is Mended -- My Computer's Fixed!

August 2nd -- unacceptable. That is the date of my last blog post, when I discussed my hairdresser's (June Cawley) top 5 tips.

Not sure EXACTLY what happened to my computer, but I know this: I was without one for more than 2 weeks. Sure, some of you may have noticed that I have continued to update my Facebook and Twitter statuses, but that is a thank you to using other's computers for like 5 seconds (mama and papa). So now I am up and running, and feeling much more like myself again. I will get right back to juggling the projects and responsibilities that mean so much to me (my personal shopping and styling promotions, Manhattanite Blog, and ClosetMouse). I have also encouraged myself to join mediabistro again, and start pitching my ideas to New York mags.

So right on to all of my new followers and visitors who haven't given up on me! Stay tuned for more contests, new "fabulous blog" links, and more tips and trades about shopping, updating your wardrobe, and finding just the right pieces to make your heart go pitter-patter.

Please contact me directly at with any questions and/or concerns. I am here to help! The Good Girl Gone Shopping is baaaa-aaack.

Photo Credit: Me and boyfriend Steve, enjoying an evening out playing pool in Santa Ana, CA. Just one of the ways I tried to enjoy my life computer-less.