Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Dos and Donts on How to Manage Black Hair

I have kinky hair. You know, tight curls that allowed me to wear my hair as an afro when I was a kid. And boy, did I.

These days, I have a relaxer and wear my hair straight. It's just what I feel comfortable with. However, in the last few years, I used to play with my styles. From long blonde braids to a weave for extra curls, I enjoyed different looks! And the woman who helped me change it up and have fun with hair is June Cawley, a Caribbean hairstylist queen in the Inland Empire! She works in LaVerne and knows black hair (as well as Caucasian-ish) hair like no other. So during my recent trip to her salon, I realized that it was time to share the tips she has shared with me for years, which has helped me, a girl who relaxes her 'do, a great deal.

Here are her Top 5 Dos and Don'ts:

- Wrap your hair with a bandana at night and a loose ponytail to protect your hair. Contrary to most women's beliefs, avoid a silk scarf - it will cause breakage.

- Wear curlers often if you want soft waves or a tuck under in the morning. Using the straightening or curling iron everyday will break the ends off.

- Wash your hair at least once a week in order to keep your scalp clean.

- If you are to wear you hair up with a clip or as a ponytail, don't wear the clip or band in the same place. The same spot will cause the hair to thin quickly!

- Remember to not keep touching your hair - the grease from your hands will just cause your hair to look greasy and get a frizz.

I say thank you now, because I strongly believe in her tips. Many of you may already be aware of these dos and don'ts, but many of you may not. It's always important to trust your hairdresser - it's a must! I have been going to June for eight years, and I wouldn't allow another stylist to touch my hair. She is witty, knowledgeable, and will help you sort out the trash in your life and realize what's important.

So, if you are in dire need of a hairstylist who knows her ish, contact June! She works Tuesday through Saturday, and welcomes new clients. Contact me for her info. Yes, this is big-time promoting her, but I don't do so if I don't believe in what I'm preaching. I keep it real. And honestly, I still have issues with managing my mane. Do you?

June's contact number: (626) 221-9474

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Ashley-Nicole said...

Hey Elana, great tips (some of them I've never heard of before). They'll definetly help more women take better care of their hair.